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Plastic Surgery TV Show “Atlanta Plastic” now casting people who want plastic surgery.

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Type: Reality TV

CASTING CALL: Want or need plastic surgery, but couldn’t afford it? Now is your chance!

Casting producers are searching nationwide for candidates to appear on Lifetimes hit show “Atlanta Plastic“.  Have you always wanted plastic surgery, but couldn’t afford it? Have you dreamt of changing your appearance but didn’t know where to turn? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to document your transformation while working with the top plastic surgeons in the industry.

Email a bio, photos, and description of why you desire to be on Atlanta Plastic to:

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71 thoughts on “Atlanta Plastic Casting Call Nationwide

  1. Donna Crawford

    Hi, I’m 60 and need my confidence back. Years of caring for my elderly parents have taken toll on me and my body. I have summer auditions coming up and honestly I have not gone on stage to sing for 5 years maybe more. It is what I love to do but for as long as I look the way I do I cannot bear the whispers. I have not been dating or going out with friends because I now feel after losing 70lbs that it is not me anymore, a once beautiful confident woman. I would like to know if this is a possibility and send in the requirements.

    Thank you

  2. Bernice Haynes

    Hello,My name is Bernice. I am a 35 year old mother of six. I work two jobs and my youngest child will be a year old in December. I’ve never had a problem with my body until after I had kids. My last baby took what little bottom I had and left me with hug breast and a belly. I was offered a job in modeling. But hasn’t decided if I wanted it or not. It was a life long dream since I was a kid, but unfortunately the way my last baby left me, I might have to turn it down. Being that I work all the time and I don’t really have any time to work out like I used to. That’s why I avoid all family gatherings. I don’t want anyone to see how my body has changed so much. If I could be a candidate of anything you guys could bless me with, I would greatly appreciate your blessed hands. Thank you and you have a blessed day.

  3. Julia klaassen

    Hello, I live in England and love your programme. I have issues with my belly and bat wings after loosing 40 pounds. I am 60 years old but look younger, please help.

  4. DeAndrea smith

    Founder of Say NO 2 Silicone injections and I’m a silicone injections survivor. I had a double mastectomy in 2015 and really would love reconstructive surgery to be me again.

  5. Pamela

    Are you still casting? I am 33 from Scotland. I watch the show all the time, which every time I see mothers like myself with insecurities in their own body an leads to being unhappy an insecure in a relationship where you don’t feel good enough for love is so hard. I have 2 kids an a relationship with a man I met when I was young but only recently have been rekindled but I don’t feel good enough to look at with him.

    I’d love your help.. an feel the happiness your clients have felt.


  6. Kamesha Jennings

    Are you still casting for Atlanta Plastic?

  7. Tynisa judson

    Hi my name Tynisa Judson. I am mother of a nine year old daughter, she very active in school. I do not look like most moms that have small stomachs and breasts because shame of my body at age of 40 years old. I always want a tummy tuck and Breast reduction. Please pick me cause it’s time for me to be a new outgoing mom for her and me.

  8. Karma

    I’ve tried and tried to send an email it keeps telling me that it has failed

  9. lakeysha wilson

    Hello, I love your show and I am so amazed of the transformations that you have done and changed people lives. I cry sometimes by watching the show because i am one of those people who are unhappy with my body. I am a single mother of two, diagnosed with crohns disease which takes a tow on me . I am unable to work so taking care of everybody else is my thing i do daily. Now i would like to do something for myself and be happy. When i was diagnosed along with finding out was pregnant I gained a lot of weight. Being pregnant put me in a remission stage, after my son was born 6 months afterwards i gained a tremendous amount of weight because of medication and depression was so very sick to where my mother had to take care of my baby. I was at 242 now I am at 162 and lost that in a small amount of time so now i have a stomach and loose skin. I would like to have a tummy tuck, butt injection or something done! My booty looks like a looks a peach literally.. I hate looking at myself in the mirror . My son ask me do i have a baby in my stomach.That makes me feel worse. I work out three times a wk but sometimes i feel so bad because no changes. I am a frustrated, and would like too feel BEAUTIFUL again. Could you,Would you Please, Please, Please help me feel good about myself again?

  10. Khadijah

    I really need this opportunity because I don’t feel attractive anymore, I was a local model in my teens and early twenties and was what I feel very attractive:) I got married and had 2 children and my stomach looks like I’m 3 months pregnant with saggy breast:( .. My body never had curves that I always wanted but I did consider myself attractive. Anyways I lost the opportunity to become a model because I had to work a 9-5 that wasn’t worth two pennies. lol, so I have so many regrets about not doing anything for myself. I feel this life changing opportunity will give me the confidence I need to get back on the market and have a career I dreamed of.. Please help!

  11. Amy Adams

    I would love to be chosen for plastic surgery to get rid of this sagging belly and skin to have a flat stomach. I have to try to enmail Lauren with story and photos of myself. Thanks.



  13. Donnalynn Sheria Beckwith

    I believe that I am a perfect candidate for Atlanta plastic because I’m on disability and will never be able to have the surgery I need and not want. I have been trying for 7 yrs to have my excess skin removal due to going from 440lbs to 230lbs and it’s taking a toll on my health. I have sciatica, rashes, osteoporosis, tumors in my calves, hiatal hernia, leaky bladder, and depression because I don’t want anyone to see it. I hide as much as I can so it’s not noticed. I am scared to date due to shame of my body and if it gets physical, I don’t want them see me and never call me again. It’s happened more times than i want to remember. Ihave become a hermit. Bad enough I no longer have my breast due to cancer. Happy to survive it but my breast look like nothing. My entire body is excess skin and I need to have it removed. I’m pleading as a desperate woman at her last wit. Please accept me as a candidate for your show.

  14. Keanna Reed

    Greetings! I am a 39 year old high school graduate! I went back to school to become a nurse. I currently have two jobs one of which I care for my mother. I’ve also lost 40lbs over the last 2 year span. I had large breast( 35 G )of course now they have deflated. I will be 40 years old in March. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of something so life changing. I would like to get a great breast lift. Please match my body with my match my inner being. If giving the privilege to be on the show I know my transformation would be encouraging not just myself ,but others with weight loss woes. Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Ms. Reed

  15. Penny L. Bennett

    During the course of my life I have endured the good and the bad, but it is my body that has taken the beatings… I have had 6 children which includes my son that passed away the same day he was born in which I had to have and emergency C section. I was not cut in the bikini area but from my belly button to my pelvic area. Every birth after that was the same procedure. I am comfortable with my size but the extra flab is making me more and more uncomfortable with how I look… I cannot afford plastic surgery but I have tried all I can to flatten my stomach… nothing is working.

  16. Trina

    I don’t want to be exposed on TV. Yea, I’m fat with a thyroid disorder & no matter how much I workout at the gym, eat right at 50, I just cry & ask God is he still punishing me for something crap my parents did like in the Old Testament! I don’t need anymore reason to be mad/upset with God, he’s let me down big time! I often feel like Lots wife. I’m depressed, going through the change & I’ve ALWAYS struggled with my weight. I’m afraid to go under the knife, because I’m certain with my luck it won’t be successful or an emergency on the set will occur. It’ll be the 1st time in Atl. Plastic Surgery. history. That’s my luck! You know I lost my Dad a few years back. I declare had I know my life would be this ^&*%$! up, I would’ve went with him or took his place.
    OK, let me go & cry my lonely self to sleep again….

  17. Crystal Holifield

    Hello, I was in a car accident in 1987 and have this huge scar from exploratory surgery. I’ve had three boys since and would love to eliminate a lot of the scarring and hopefully get a tummy tuck from excessive belly fat as well, also would like breast lift. I would love to gain more confidence which I lost because of car accident which also resulted in my cousins death. Please help me to erase apart of my history Thank you in advance.

  18. Sonja Givens

    I’m 44 years old I had my 1st child when I was 16 years old. I have three kids & 2 grand kids that I love them with all my heart. I want my body back. I would like a breast lift & tummy tuck. I have always took care of every 1 else its time to see about myself. I live in Miami Florida & I want to wear a bikini with out a cover up.. thank you.

    1. Felicia

      I’m Felicia 46 years old that have been dealing with obesity for over ten years when my parents over 20 years ago got sick, food was my best friend. That was my way to deal with losing my parents slowly and couldn’t do anything about. So when my parents past and the elements that they pass from made me think about my life. So two years ago I decide to have weight loss surgery and it was the best decision my doctor made for me because if I didn’t I would not be here today. Losing all this weight cause me to have a lot of extra skin that make me hind the real me. I would love to have a breast lift so I can stop looking like a boy when I don’t have a bra on, tummy tuck so it can stop looking like a just ate and full all the time and remove these wings I have under my arms. I would love to wear a sleeveless dress without looking like I’m about to take off flight when I am waving at someone. I just want to love the person I see in the mirror. Please help really need to feel good about myself.

  19. Yvonne Walker

    Hey Doctors! PLEASE HELP ME.
    My problem is the usual. breast cancer, modified radical mastectomy (aggressive) of right breast, turned down by reconstruction surgeons for almost 12 years. Finally found a reconstruction surgeon recommended by the board of surgeons, who furnished me with a host of promises, after an implant and supposed reduction on the opposite side, the result was a total disaster. My breast are now lopsided (no symmetry} with the implant up near my shoulder and the reduction even with my bent elbow! The SCAR tissue itches some awful and I just feel like slicing it off sometime. This surgeon gave me the impression that he would implant both sides to make them even. I was hopeful that I could show my husband my body after all those years of hiding from him, but sadly, he passed away after almost 28 yrs of marriage without ever seeing my body again. I am so ashamed to even look at myself. I look and feel like a circus freak. I fear dying because I don’t want anyone looking at my body even then! I’m sorry because I know everyone is in a dire need so I’m not trying to put myself ahead of anyone. If you request my pics, I’m sure you’ll be shocked to see them but I’m willing to send them to you.
    I watch Atlanta Plastic all the time. In fact on tonight’s show there was a woman who had also had breast cancer and needed help.
    With the best regards,
    Yvonne Walker

  20. bradricka ellis

    hello, I am 17 years old live in the Bahamas, they need to come over here. I just had a baby need a tummy tuck. I am young but when you have kids your body really changes everything….

  21. Shi

    My name is Shi and I’m 29 years old. I had to undergo spinal surgery in 2009 after which I was unable to do any physical activities and gained over a hundred pounds. I became very self-conscious about my appearance, lost communication with all of my friends & my entire social life. I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression & in 2015 I was diagnosed as being severely obese and was referred for bariatric surgery. I’ve since lost a substantial amount of weight, which initially helped me regain some of the lost confidence, but I’m still unable to do any physical exercises to tone my body & have reverted to the antisocial, anxiety riddled woman I was before the weight loss. My hips and buttocks no longer matches and are too small for my frame, my shoulders are too wide and my arms are too big for my body. My abdomen is smaller, but has no definition because of loose skin. I need help getting my healthy looking body back. The confidence I once had in myself has been slowly taken away from me for years & I’m ready to take it back!

  22. Sparkle B

    All my life I’ve been told I was ugly and believed it. I smile like I’m on top of the world and love helping people, but I’m miserable. Deep inside there is one thing that keeps me in bondage and it’s my appearance and confidence. Just once in my lifetime would this ugly duckling like to be transformed to beautiful and stop traffic.

    I’ve written the show twice but got no answer. I won’t give up. It has taken me years trying to get surgery to change a part of me that every woman wants to feel good about. With minimal income and believing that people just don’t care about me, I became withdrawn and stopped dating. I have not dated in over five years and counting so I guess I’m a virgin until I get my surgery.

    I hoped Atlanta Plastic and Ms. Lauren may choose me. I sincerely believe I am the best candidate and the most deserving.

    Thank you!

  23. Queen Rountree

    Please help me I have been trying to lose weight for a few years and I need help bad. I have gotten to up to 400 plus pounds really hate my body. I have been so depressed and I need your help you do such a great job. Pictures will come soon.

  24. Gloria

    Hello, my name is Gloria I’m from Lansing, Michigan I am 51 yrs old, I stand 5’5 I weigh 186 pounds. I have two children. I am a big fan of your show. It’s kind of hard to watch sometimes because I see all the woman getting there beautiful bodies. I can only dream of one day having. You see I was like the middle girl growing up between two other smart and pretty sisters, you know the cheerleader and the A student. I was the class clown the one who got pregnant at 15, the one who didn’t get to graduate with the class, the dropout. The one who was bullied at school and at home by my brothers and sisters, I was also a thumb sucker that was my security blanket. I am the one they still call today flat ass, pancake, ass flat as a dime, or you ante got no ass, my stomach is bigger than my ass. I see white women’s ass is bigger than mine. Oh did I forget to mention I am a black women, well you cant tell by my ass. I feel so self conscience when I am standing up or walking, because my butt is so flat. Please for the love of GOD help me get a butt and a tummy tuck, and a breast lift. Not to mention I just found out that my boyfriend of 6 years was using me, he got a hold of some money and wanted to move on, we split and yes I feel like a fool on top of the way I feel about my body. I haven’t had a drink in over 6 years. I am a recovering alcoholic. I am tempted to drink. Please help he feel good about me by blessing me with a new body. Thank you, Love you.

  25. Khalilah Fenderson

    Hello my name is Khalilah I’m from Miami fl. I have 2 children and I’ve had 2 c-sections. I’m used to weighing 120 to 125 and now I’m 148 and 5 feet tall. I would like to get a tummy tuck and liposuction to remove the fat in my back. I would also would like a butt lift. Can anybody help me please?

    1. Nettie Wolfe-Brown

      I am a 58 year old mother of six that includes three step children. I am married to their dad who served in the military for 22 years and grandmother of 10 great grandmother of 1 and I am not not completely pleased with my body. I was once 390 pounds, lost about 100 lbs. with gastric by pass in 2003 and had lost more with eating healthy, now 249 but can’t exercise, about to have hip replacement and I still have bat wings on my arms and fatty thighs with twins as I call the fat at the top that I really hate! And I would love to have my back out but have back rolls that I hate so much that I always wear body shapers for my top and bottom of my body. I will not go any where without my bodyshaper. I even wear them to the beach under my bathing suit with a cover up in the pool, yes after all the weight loss I am still ashamed of my body, even though my hubby thinks I am beautiful, but I still have these issues with my body, please! Please! help Me. I want to be happy like the other people I see on your show! That’s the only thing missing in my life. Trusting God and you Dr.Campbell that I can one day be a cast on your show. That would complete my life, so I can start living again and loving the body that I am in …… Proverb3:5 always helps me to deal with my issues of my body. Please help this mother, grandmother, and great grandmother Out!

  26. Stacy Lowe

    Hello, I would love to have the surgery because I’ve lost 74 lbs and everything is headed south. I want to have confidence in myself to look and feel great.

  27. Brenda Carroll

    I had a tummy tuck done done about 15 years ago. I was left with what’s called a doggy-ear on the right side of my tummy. I’m a 51 y/o mom of two grown sons whose done having children and I’m in desperate need of a breast reduction & lift with implants. I also need lipo done on what my Hubby calls my, ” Love Handles,” lol I call it back fat. Hopefully you’re still casting because I’m a great candidate with tons of personality! I live in the Atlanta area. I’ll send pics!

  28. Barbara DuMaine

    Hello Doctors, I am a 54 year old single mother of two. After my first child I had A C section And my stomach was never the same afterwards with my second child I stretched totally out of shape. Even as a young mother I exercise but the extra skin just would not go away. As I became older Now I look at my body And all I can see in the mirror is a big tummy overlapping and My breast sagging. I would love to look better in my clothes and having Surgery will give me the confidence that I need To be a better me. Having to go through life feeling unattractive is not a great feeling to a woman. It really feels trapped in an ugly body. Thought about having surgeries but just not able to afford it being a single mother wanted to give the best to my children. The finances were just not there. Now that my children are grown I have time for me, time to start dating, time to be a better me, but definitely give me a better insight On life and living and being healthy. Please consider my application. This would totally change my life forever in a positive way. Thank you in advance And God bless.

  29. Ashley berry

    Hi my name is Ashley Berry. I’m 23 years old, I have 3 kids 7, 6, 6 months. I have low self-esteem I hate how I look I can’t look in mirrors walk past glass window because my weight I feel so ugly, it’s upsetting. I used to be 117, I’m 240 and I would love to wear I swimming suit.

  30. Deneen

    Hello my name is Deneen. I watch Atlanta Plastic and I think the doctors are simply great. They have wonderful personalities as well as the plethora of knowledge as far as cosmetic surgery is concerned. I’m asking for your help to boost my confidence with in myself. I’m 40 years old and no matter how much weight I loose, I can’t get rid of my stomach. Ive lost weight, gained weight and the most stubborn areas on my body are my arms and stomach. I sometimes make up excuses when my better half wants to be intimate. I simply despise wearing sun dresses in the summer because of my arms. I was recently part of a 277 employee lay off with Kraft/Nabisco so now even the hope of me being able to afford any procedure is defiantly out the window. I’m asking if Atlanta Plastic can please pick me as far as helping change a life/ life style period! Thanks for your time in advance!

  31. Mary Leake

    Don’t know if you still casting but I’m 33, a mother of 4. I had my first child at 17. Never got to experience the young life turn around on birth control and had another child at 18. Saggy breast, stretch marks. I know I cant be 16 again but that was the last time I had my beautiful body in 1999. Please help.

  32. sheila bell

    I know I should be thankful and blessed for even being alive, but there are some things that wont let me accept my physical appearance. When I got pregnant with my son I was exactly 135 pounds, and I got up to 197 lbs. Over the years of trying to get my body back in shape I was left with 38DDD sagging boobs that point down, and my stomach overlaps and looks like my buttocks, because I had abdominal surgery when I was a baby which left me with a long scar down the middle of my abdomen…. please accept me as a candidate for a breast reduction, and tummy tuck.. I cannot afford the procedure!
    Sincerely thank you

  33. Tanisha B

    I am a 38 year old single mother of three and I sent my bio,pics and request a tummy tuck, bbl and Breast lift would be a blessing. I would love to wear a 2 piece and just have the chance to be confident in my body. I pray that Dr. Jones could help me change my life and love myself. I am TIRED of being insecure. My tubes are tied so definitely no more kids, this surgery would not be a WASTE please help me! Thank you

  34. Veronica Davis

    I am 52 years old and for the past twelve years I have dedicated my life to caring for my four children and my sister’s four children because of her tragic untimely death. Now that all of my children are adults and my sister’s children with the exception of two are adults as well, it’s time for me to focus on myself. My self esteem is really low. I have PTSD and I’m exercising but can’t seem to get the results I really need. I want a “mommy” makeover bad. I have a husband and I will not let him see me without my clothes on. We are planning a trip and I don’t want to go because I will not put on a swimsuit. Right now I’m not working and my husband is retired army served for 27 years. I just want to feel beautiful again and get back what I have lost over the years. After losing my sister the way that I did I really don’t know how to be with a man. My body is not what I want it to be and losing my sister caused me to lose a lot of who I was. I just want me back and I want to do this for me. Please help me feel whole again.

  35. latichia mackins

    Hello, since I had my first child 25 years ago my stomach looks like a jar of pickles. Never been able to take off all my clothes in front of people, to ashamed, my breasts hang so low and when I lay down they lay to the side. I cant lose weight or get back to the way I would feel comfortable around people. This would be something that I think would build my self-esteem.

  36. Cherise harris

    I would love to be on your show. I’m an open book, please pick me, 38 mother of two.

  37. Tanesha Whitaker

    I’m a 37 yrs old woman married for fourteen years. I was my mother’s caretaker until she passed away. I gained a lot of weight after her death but I have worked hard to drop this weight. I can’t afford plastic surgery but need it badly. I have become insecure in my day to day life, hope you can help me, thanks.

  38. Angel Walker

    I had a severe case of endometriosis at the age of 19 to 29. I ended up having a full hysterectomy and my body seems to have really fast forward into an older woman’s body than what I am. I will be 57 in a month and a half. I had to have breast augmentation to correct my breast from shrinking from the experimental drugs used back then. Now my left breast has dropped. I have belly fat that sits right where a pregnant belly sits and I look pregnant and it is a constant reminder that I can’t have kids. I need lypo. I have back fat, my thighs look like I am 300 lbs. with dimples everywhere. I weigh 170 but I want to be back at 140. I want my youthful body back. You have to see my body to understand my daily struggles. It really depresses me. Please help me. Thank you in advance.

  39. Yolanda dunn

    How could I become a candidate, I love this show. It gives women so much more confidence. I too have self esteem problems, would like to be totally comfortable in my own skin.Please contact me if y’all would like to donate a few surgeries.

  40. Latoya young

    I need your all help. I had some work done and now my body needs to to be reconstructed. Please give me a call 706 351-2833. God bless you all.

  41. Yalonda Patterson

    Hello, My name is Yalonda, and I’m a tall at 5’10”, 47 married mother of two from a previous marriage. I don’t even know if I’d be considered for this opportunity as I was once pretty athletic, and had a pretty fit lifestyle; However, after college, kids, and a failed marriage, I just couldn’t seem to get back on track, and bad eating habits kicked in. I gained over 30 lbs! I was determined to get my body back..but then a 20 year…yes 20! Get fit quick phase, and gimmicky diets took over…from urgent care diet pill visits, liquid diets, fat zapping belts to castor oil cleanses, and every crazy apparatus I could afford. I’ve spent so much time and money to only go up and down in my weight all these years…smh. I finally learned how to get it off and keep it off the right way…Good ol exercise and a healthy diet…but with not 1, but 2 emergency cesareans, a cancer scare biopsy an umbilical hernia repair and hysterectomy, I’ve been sliced and diced above and below the belt 5 times! I work out 5 days a week, and eat healthy 95% of the time but can’t get rid of all the skin in my lower abdomen that still makes me feel trapped in my own body. I’ve worked hard to lose the weight and tone it up. I’ve wanted a tummy tuck for over 18 years, but refused to do it until I got to this point without gimmicks, and starvation. I watch Atlanta Plastic to educate myself and to hopefully one day see someone with my body type get the surgery that changes their life, so I can get a glimpse of my own potential life Changing surgery. I’ll be emailing before and after pics tomorrow as well as taking a couple of new ones of my tummy which I avoid in pics and cover up at all costs..Ewwww, this will be a 1st????.Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my bio.

  42. mareatha moore

    Hi my name is Mareatha – I have some issues with my body, in 1994 I was stabbed in the chest 4 times with a screw driver, emergency surgery and 43 staples later I have a horrible scar down my stomach and a pouch that wont go away. As the years went on I gained weight, lost it and gained again. All my life I had a nice body and when these happened I lost my confidence. No matter how much I do I cannot loose my stomach. I am 50 years old and I have never been married. These last 4 years have been horrible for me on 1-2-2012 I lost my 64 year old mother- unexpected, 16 months later my 28 year old son was murdered, a married man with 3 kids- then 16 months later I lost my dad from cancer we never knew he had, it had been dormant for years. Right before my son died I purchased the beauty salon i worked at for 16 years – I buried myself in work, I don’t know to this day how i have survived all this – what the devil tried to break me down with has made me stronger. I have always taken care of everyone else and I would like to have lipo and a tummy tuck. My life has always been an emotional roller coaster up and down, for years off and on I dabbled in alcohol and drugs but through all that I went through. I always knew I would be okay one day — and I am . My beginning – my middle and my end gone just 16 months of one another and i made it, please help me to get the physical appearance to match my new lease on life! — the next chapter! I know with this attitude and new lease on life all I need is the body to match. I would be so happy.

  43. Quesadra Goodrum

    I had a gastric bypass surgery. I am a 35 year old married mother of two children with disabilities. My husband is a veteran. I previously was in a wheelchair for a year and then a walker most of my life I suffer from some disabilities myself. At my heaviest I was 545. I have gotten down to 296. Most of my weight is excess skin but my medical will not pay for removal. I have a hernia behind my navel that my stomach weight is pulling on but Medicaid says it’s not severe enough for them to pay for repair. I would love to revamp my body to give myself a well deserved new lease on life but cannot afford the cost out of pocket. Please help me.

  44. Janice Davis

    Hello, my name is Janice. I have been wanting plastic surgery for over 16 years, but never could have afford it. I am 53 years old. I have 3 beautiful daughters that have nice shape. I have not dated in 15 years because of what my body looks like. I’m very self conscious about it. I have about 30 lbs or more stomach that’s needs to be removed and I have 2 sets of breasts that put a bad rash on my stomach. I have a hard time finding a bra to fit me. So please please help me to feel good about myself once again.

  45. Debra

    Hello, I am 48 years old and have 2 girls, one is grown, the other is in middle school. I would love to have a tummy tuck and breast lift. I do not plan and having anymore children and would like to have my pre-pregnant body back. I exercise 3 times and week; however the more weight I lose, the more the skin sags around my tummy. As a bonus I would like to have butt injections so that my teenage daughter will stop calling me “mom bob square butt”. Please consider me for the show before my boobs hit the floor!!! Thank you!

  46. brenda wells

    I’m Brenda Wells, I’m 45 years of age and I reside in New Jersey. I’m in dire need of surgery. I had a Gastric Bypass Surgery in 2008 and been suffering from the aftermath of lose and sagging skin in numerous places. I want so badly to have a normal looking body. I don’t want anything to extravagant just a normal looking body. Thanks for taking time to read my email.

  47. Charlene Reid

    I just turned fifty and I look forty but my body says fifty. My confidence is really down. I don’t even like to look in the mirror, please help my regain my confidence back, thank you in advance.

  48. Mtisa

    I’m a 34 yrs old, a married woman with four kids. I’m very unhappy with my body. I have a big stomach with NO BUTT AT ALL. My husband tells me he loves me the way I am just to keep my spirit lifted because he knows I’m not happy with with myself…. Ive tried every diet in the world and nothing is working for me. I’M ALWAYS DEPRESSED AND TAKING MY FRUSTRATION OUT ON MY KIDS. I NEED HELP BAD, PLEASE PICK ME AS ONE OF THE CAST MEMBERS THIS WOULD REALLY LIFT MY SPIRIT.

  49. Tiffany taylor

    Hi I was told by my doctor I can never loose weight because of the csection I had. I want to wear nice clothes but I can’t because of my stomach. I get discouraged sometimes and stay and the house. Please help me

  50. Carliss Dobbins

    Please help I want to be on a reality show.

  51. Meka

    Like everyone one this page I am in need of this opportunity. In my 33 yrs I have put everyone else in my life first. Had hysterectomy at thirty, no children so no children in my future. Over the past few years I have had to give up a lot and I just want to feel beautiful again. I am thankful for God and all he has allowed me to do for others and I was told that one day I would get my blessing and hopefully this will be it. Just to look in the mirror again and see myself would be an awesome blessing. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

  52. Kizzy

    Hello my name is Kizzy. I am a mother of 3 children. It would be a life changing experience to have surgery to boost my confidence. I’ve been insecure about my stomach area since I had my first son who is 11. My confidence will change for the better if I am blessed with this opportunity to have a tummy tuck and bbl. Thank you

  53. Deshawn Obryant

    Good evening may this message find you in good health. My name is Deshawn Obryant and I’m in desperate need of a tummy tuck. I’m working all my life, pay check by paycheck and have never once in my life did nothing for myself to make me feel good. I’m just praying God and You can answer my prayers and give me an opportunity of a lifetime. I never hear of stories of people of poverty giving a chance that’s starting-or making a living and just wanna be perfect as well, please don’t fail me now.

  54. syvette isom-brown

    I would like to have a tummy tuck because I have a large pouch hanging and I cannot see my feet. I would like butt augmentation fat transfer from my stomach and possibly breast augmentation or lift. I have let myself go over the years taking care of my grandmother who turns 94 years old on Tuesday. I am truly blessed to have my mother and self. I will like to feel and look like a women with and without clothes, please help.

  55. Tammey

    I, Tammey, would love have a tummy tuck and a boob lift. As years past, I let my body and stomach got out of control for the past 19 years of taking care of my mother. I do it mainly by myself but still thankful to have my mom with me who suffered several strokes. Now I need help in finding my self again. Thank you.

  56. Tamika Davis

    Please help me, I can not afford this. my body is a mess. I don’t care how much exercise I do, it does not help, please help me if you can please.

  57. Tamika Davis

    Can you guys please help me with plastic surgery. I feel so self-conscious about my body the way it looks. I would not take my clothes off in front of my fiance. Please please please help me. I cannot afford this surgery. Please do whatever you can to help me. thank you.

  58. Kimberly Ellis

    I really want to get a tummy tuck and a brazilion butt lift and implants. I lost 138 lbs and I just want to feel proud in my skin thats all.

  59. Tanya Orange

    Would love to be a considered for the show. I watch Atlanta Plastics all the time. Even if I’m not chosen, I would like to travel from NYC to use the doctors and have some procedures done.

  60. RaDreka Jackson

    Please choose me. I would love to have my big arms cut in half, their weighing me down, I lost a lot of weight and its just extra fat hanging. My stomach is flabby and I can’t get rid of the back fat. I got bullied as a teenager and I did something horrible to my face that I would love to have fixed, please fix me!

  61. Valeria Braswell

    All my life i have never been able to look down and see my feet. Even after gastric by pass… much skin has been left hanging over… I even feel it has taken a toll on my self esteem and marriage.
    I would give anything to have a proportioned body.
    I never even knew they could take the fat from my stomach and give me a butt I’ve NEVER had.
    please Dr. Crawford…so much of my life has been spent giving, being a caregiver to my mother with Alzheimers. Can I please just look in the mirror and be happy with me.

  62. Ofelia Franc

    I just moved to Atlanta and have always thought about having work done but I wanted to finish having kids. Now, I’m in the gym everyday and have lost so far 30lbs. My goal is to continue doing it but there is extra skin that will just not go away. I am only 37 years old and I want to know what it feels like to be confident in a swimming suit. The sad part is that people always say, what a beautiful face if only you can loose a few lbs. I’ve never considered putting my self 1st and surgery has never been a priority because I could always use the money for someone else.

  63. Lanise

    I recently wrote you an email about my desire to change my body. Please consider so that I can feel comfortable sleeping naked, walking on the beach and just enjoying life a little better with less clothes! Thank you!

  64. Rachael Chavis

    Hi I’m currently living in Atlanta Georgia and to be honest plastic surgery has been my biggest wish on my butt to make it a lil’ round and bigger. But unfortunately I can’t afford it so that wish is out the window. Hopefully, I have a chance to be a member on the show to have my dream come true. Thanks!

  65. RONDA

    I would love to be on the show. I am 51, mother of 2 grown sons. I already sent a E-Mail and pictures of my self. I hope I am one of the lucky ones that get picked.

  66. April diaz

    I would love to be one of your candidates for surgery. I am a mother of two teenagers, recently had the gastric sleeve done for health issues.

  67. Corian Paige

    I want to take my life back from its prisoner… My body’s appearance. I can’t wait to flaunt the new me at my wedding! I need this life changing transformation like yesterday.




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