Auditions for Singers in DC, VA & PA – Lead and Supporting Roles in “Lysistrata Jones”


LYSISTRATA JONES Musical – Union and non union auditions.

Location: DC, Virginia and PA

Type: Singers

Airhead Production Presents LYSISTRATA JONES, The Musical.

“Lysistrata Jones,” a Tony nominated musical comedy about cheerleaders who refuse to “give it up” to their boyfriends until they win a basketball game.

AUDITION NOTICE – union and non union

All roles are age rage for 18 to 25

Lysistrata Jones: (Lead) bubbly, quirky and enthusiastic, a solid actor, singer, dancer, pop soprano, must have a strong belt, vocally demanding part with a large range, G#3-G5.

Michelangelo “Mick” Jackson: (Lead) Lyssie’s jock boyfriend and captain of the basketball team, a solid actor, singer, dancer, pop baritone, must have a strong belt, B2-G4.

Hetaira: (Supporting) all-knowing narrator who plays multiple roles, including a courtesan, a provocateur, a madame, etc., must have dynamic personality, a solid actor, singer who moves well, R&B and pop Alto/Mezzo Soprano with a wide range,

Robin Smythe: (Supporting) a bookworm, a work study student, a media specialist, and when nobody is looking—one hell of a poetry slammer, a solid actor, singer, dancer, pop alto, have a strong belt and be open to riffing, E3-A5.

Xander Lee: (Lead) liberal, light-hearted blogger and school mascot who helps and falls for Lyssie, a solid actor, singer, who moves well, pop, soaring tenor, C3-G4.

Lampito Kanagawa: (Supporting) Asian cynical, cool, over it, and on it, full of sass and ready to play her own game, a solid actor, singer, dancer, pop soprano, A3-G5.

Myrrhine Moore: (Supporting) a good friend, a smart ally and doesn’t hesitate to find her revenge, a solid actor, singer, dancer, pop mezzo-soprano/soprano, must have a strong belt, A3-F5.

Cleonice Sanchez: (Supporting) Hispanic hot and spicy friend of Lyssie, a solid actor, singer, dancer, pop soprano, A3-A5.

Todd “Cinesias” Stein: (Supporting) best friend of Mick, on the basketball team, very suburban but wants to be a hip-hop star, a solid actor, singer, dancer, pop tenor with a strong belt, strong falsetto a plus, B2-A4.

Stratyllis “Tyllis” Carter: (Supporting) African good student and athlete who has it all figured out., a solid actor, singer, dancer, pop baritone, B2-G4.

‘Uardo Cortez: (Supporting) Hispanic Machismo machine, a solid actor, singer, dancer, pop baritone, B2-Ab4.

Harold: (Supporting) quirky, oddball of the group, a solid actor, singer, dancer.

Also will be casting 4 male and 4 females ensemble member.

Singer auditions in Musical in VA, DC and PA

Please send Head Shot and Resume. Must be 16 or older to audition.


Please label your email like this:
union or non union:
Playable age rage:
voice part:

Recent Roles or production Experience:

Rehearsal start in may and run Monday thru Wednesday from 6 pm to 10pm
Call backs will be April 27 if needed.

Show runs Jun 5th thru 14 Show are Thursdays and Friday at 8pm Saturday 2pm and 8pm Sunday 2pm. Possible extension could go till Jun 21st. 8 show total. But could be 13 shows.

Southern Region Premier
Producer: Gary Clark
Directed by Ryan Roberge
Musical Director: Brandon Heishman
Choreographer: Jeffery Miller

please visit are website for more info:

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Dc, va , pa.
Please submit to: by 2015-04-08

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