Casting Call for Talent in Atlanta for Ice Cube / Charlie Day Movie “Fist Fight”

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New Line Cinema Film’s “Fist Fight” is about to begin production in Atlanta and just released a casting call for a few featured roles.

Fist Fight” will star Ice Cube and Charlie Day. The Comedy centers on 2 men who want to get in a fist fight to settle a difference. The script is written by Van Robichaux and Evan Susser. Ice Cube and Charlie Day play high school teachers who get in a tiff. One of them suspects the other of trying to get him fired and challenges the opponent to a fist fight to finally settle the score. According to the IMDB page, Richie Keen will be directing. 21 Laps Entertainment, New Line Cinema, and Rickard Pictures are named as producers. A release date has not yet been announced.

The movie will be in production this fall in the Atlanta area and needs lots of young adults (18 to 20) to play high school teens as well as talent to fill some featured roles of cheerleaders and drum line members.

Ice Cube's Fist Fight Movie

Interested? Here is the casting call:

New Project – Fist Fight

Upcoming in early October we are looking for 2 groups of featured extras — first a small group of experienced cheerleaders — we are going to need this group for 6-7 days over the first few weeks of October with Football season etc… going we know it will be tricky to get a real squad so ideally we are looking for experienced girls 18 – 22 years old that very recently we are a team and are really good!!! We ideally want to put together a really great team of 5 and it will have a great featured rate – Cheerleaders in Subject

Also looking for a 3 piece ‘drum line’ or drum crew — same deal would be needed several days in October so ideally some guys or girls that are just out of band — really good and have access to drums — DRUMLINE in Subject

For both email a recent photo, all clothing sizes, age, experience, and contact info to:


We are looking for men and women 18 – 20 years old that can pass as high schoolers — looking for a lot of different looks — all type of high school
For some specific roles looking for some rough looking type kids.

Also looking for A GREAT cheerleading squad and a drum line — if you are part of either email us a recent photo and all contact info to:
All filming will be through October and November

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  1. ChanikaStansberry

    Hi, I would really love to have acting parts. If you are interested in a teacher, facility worker, mail lady, baby sitter ect… email me.

  2. Anaiah Petty

    I’m interested in this project Fist Fight. I’ve submitted for a role of a teacher.

  3. Tony Bradley

    I went to school for acting in villa rica ga, my availability for work is open. I have a great work ethic and I’m ready to be cast.

  4. Jameshia Parson

    I’m starting my acting career and would love to work with Ice Cube.

    1. Tonika Moore

      My name is Tonika Moore and I’m Perfect for the cheerleader role! email me, I have a great personality and I’m ready to work! 🙂

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