Casting for the Child Lead Roles of Rafe & Leo for “Middle School” Movie


New kids movie is now casting / accepting submissions for two lead roles – Boys to play ages 11 to 13.

Seems like James Patterson’s book series “Middle School” is being made into a feature film. There is a casting call out in NYC for the 2 lead roles of Rafe and Leo.

The film seems to be based on the characters  in Patterson’s books, Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life. The James Patterson novel is the first in the series of “Middle School” novels about the antics of a young boy named Rafe and his silent friend, Leo.

The casting call was released today by New York City casting directors Telsey + Company. They are casting 2 talented kids to play middle school aged boys that are Caucasian and look to be 11 to 13 years old.

The popular children’s book made the NY Times best seller’s list and centers on the story of a young boy just entering middle school. In the books, Rafe Khatchadorian has enough problems to deal with at home, but now, he is entering middle school and a new set of issues get thrown into the mix. Luckily, he’s got a plan for the best year ever, if only he can pull it off with the help of his best buddy, Leonardo “Leo” the Silent. Rafe lives with his younger sister, Georgia, his mom and Mom’s verbally abusive, deadbeat boyfriend, Carl who the kids nicknamed “Bear”.  Rafe is definitely not looking forward to the new school year. He dreads  entering 6th grade in a new middle school but his buddy Leo will make it all tolerable. Leo is Rafe’s  only real friend and urges him to make his mark at Hills Village Middle School by breaking every rule in the book, literally.

Rafe and Leo create Project RAFE (which stands for Rules Aren’t For Everyone). Project RAFE becomes an ongoing game when Leo challenges Rafe to earn a certain number of points each day. Rafe gets points for each school rule he breaks and earns bonus points based on who witnesses the event and the level of punishment he receives. He does include a No-Hurt rule, vowing he will not allow anyone else to be harmed by his pranks.

Middle School movie to hold auditions for lead roles

The feature film is looking to fill the following roles:

Rafe: Lead role – 11 to 13 years old, Caucasian. Rafe has deep brown eyes and tousled hair. He is creative and a non-conformist. Rafe is clever, funny, warm and very likable. He also has a very hard time playing by the rules having been thrown out of 2 middle schools so far. After having a run in with the school principal in which the principal destroys his beloved sketch book, Rafe decides to fight back by breaking every rule in the schools rule book.

Leo: Lead role – 11 to 13 years old, Caucasian. Mischievous and full of energy. Leo has a big physical presence.  Leo is an instigator and urges Rafe to break the rules. Leo is also Rafes partner in crime and like Rafe, he is smart, funny and likable as well.

The movie is now in pre-production and will begin filming this fall.

The film’s casting directors are now accepting submissions from talented child actors who fit the role descriptions.

For more details about the roles as well as submission information, please see the casting flyer below.

Be sure to also see what else may be casting in the New York City area.
Rafe and Leo auditions for "Middle School" movie


9 thoughts on “Casting for the Child Lead Roles of Rafe & Leo for “Middle School” Movie

  1. Lucas Adelman

    Hi! My name is Lucas and I am 12 years old! An aspiring actor that had already been in some small plays. I am 5’4 and 105 lbs. I have done some parkour and enjoy watching weird movies. I am also a Jr comedian at my school am the unofficial thing in the parking lot. Please let me know what you think! You can contact the person.

  2. Ridley Wanamaker

    I would love to play Leo. I am white, have blue eyes, freckles, and dirty blonde hair. I’m chubby but so is Leo a little. I have wanted to be an actor ever since I learned to read. The only problem is I’m 10 and my birthday is in November.

  3. Aleks Szwarc

    I would like to play the role of Leo. I have dark brown hair blue eyes and A dream of becoming an actor. I was looking for a movie to play in for a long time and I think this is the right movie for me.

    1. Ridley Wanamaker

      I actually just auditioned for this.

  4. Aleks Szwarc

    I would love to play the role of Leo. I am 12 years old I have dark brown hair, blue eyes and my dream is to become an actor. This film is just the thing for me.

  5. Vann Hall

    I love to act and one day will be in a movie. Slowly starting from the bottom then working myself up. I have been in six plays and had either a singing or speaking role in them.

  6. Alec

    My name is Alec Bullock and I have been an actor for many years now. I am 12 years old and has been in other film projects on my YouTube channel. I would love to do this because I am funny and think I fit the role for Rafe. I have heard about the book and I look forward to being in this movie!

  7. Jeremiah

    I was wanting to play the role of Leo in the movie Middle School. I am 12 years old, white, and am ready to be an actor.


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