Casting Kids, Mom and Dad Roles for Ice Cream Commercial in Chicago – Pays $400


This shoot is for Blue Bunny Ice Cream.

Shoot date is 8/11 (likely around noon-8 or 9pm) in the North suburbs of Chicago.

Casting is 8/6 (this Thursday)

Rate $400 per role – will be used online only, not posted after 2 years (however will live on social media) Video shoot with some secondary still and behind the scenes photos for Facebook. No lines, but humming may be involved!

8/6/15 from 1pm – 6pm at Daily Planet Productions – 720 N Franklin St #500, Chicago, IL 60654 (5th floor) Parking not provided – metered parking abundant in area, also a block away from the Chicago brown line stop.

PLEASE EMAIL ME WHAT TIME YOU WILL BE COMING so I can put you on the list. Let me know if you have any questions.
NON UNION – please do not submit if you can’t work Non Union. Also please let us know if you are exclusive with an agency.

Chicago area ice cream commercial

Were casting for 5 roles:

Suggested casting times with roles to keep things moving along quickly, but you do not have to adhere to these. Please send us an idea on who will be attending.
1pm – 2pm – Child 3 (Friend): 8-12 years old age range. Either sex. Any race. Healthy. Good smile.
2pm – 3pm – Child 2 (Brother): Caucasian. 8-10 years old. Male. Short hair. Great smile – maybe even a missing tooth. Healthy looking.
3pm – 4pm – Child 1 (Sister): Caucasian. 10-12 years old. Female. Longer hair. Healthy looking. Great smile.
4pm – 6pm – Mother: Caucasian female. Mid 30’s-Early 40’s. Midwestern housewife. Shoulder length hair a plus. Good smile. Average body type.
4pm – 6pm Father: Caucasian male. Mid 30’s-Early 40’s. Typical Midwestern-looking dad. Looking for a good smile here. Average body type, but not overweight.

Christy Schmid
Christy Schmid Productions

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