Casting Teen Lead Roles in Short Horror Film “The Witching Hour” in Atlanta

The Witching Hour

Location: Atlanta, GA

Type: Film

We are currently casting for a project that is in development. We will most likely be holding official auditions in late May/Early June and want to get preliminary submissions done before we send out finalized sides for auditions.

“Witching Hour” is a short film to be produced in Atlanta, both in the woods and in a “haunted house” It tells the story of 6 kids on a Halloween night, but we can’t give too much of the story away yet. Basically, six kids stumble upon a gravesite in the woods on Halloween and their night becomes a living hell. The short will be submitted to film festivals, namely Halloween and horror ones and will also provide credit for IMdB. More information on the story will be given If we are interested in you. This is an indie, low/no budget production, so it is all for credit and festival.

Roles needed:

JJ: 16-18. Caucasian teenage girl. Sassy and sarcastic and an extrovert. JJ is the leading character and along with Mikey, is not killed off in the story, although there are alternate endings as they are telling a story within the story. JJ is dating Mikey. Must be comfortable with kissing (nothing crazy). Will need to run and be comfortable in the woods.

Maggie: 16-18. Any ethnicity. Maggie is a sheltered and spoiled girl who is not comfortable with being out camping and is scared very easily. She is whiny, but is JJ’s best friend who dies within the story.

Mikey: 16-18. Dark hair preferred, but open to anything. Mikey is dating JJ, and is a bad boy who has the attitude of being up for anything. Good friends with the other boys and is someone who is good at keeping calm and solving problems, which is why he survived. Must be comfortable with one kissing scene.

Connor: 16-18. Any look. Connor is joking and not a serious kid. He is telling a scary story when he suddenly disappears, being the second one to be killed off.

Ian: 16-18. Ian is the first boy to be killed off in the story. Nothing will be shown of how he dies in the aspect of gore, but you will know he is killed by the entity.

Justin: 16-18. He is one of the last ones to be alive, but is killed when the demon possesses him.

Miranda: 8-12 to play around the age of 10. Cute and innocent looking, preferably with a little girl, high-pitched voice.

We will also need kids extras to be costumed kids trick or treating.

Please send in your resume, headshots and reels. We will contact you within the month of May if we are interested in you, and if we are, will send you sides and more information on the story.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta, GA
Please submit to:

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  1. Grace

    My name is Grace or you can call me Gracie. My last name is Holder. I’m 12 but look like a 10 or 11 year old when I wear my thick dirty blonde hair with really blonde natural highlights in French braids. I’m 5 feet tall with green eyes. I’m outgoing and love to be in front of the camera. I honestly have never been in any sort of community play but have been attending acting classes.

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