Extras Call in Chicago on NBC’s “Chicago PD,” “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago Med” Crossover

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Chicago P.D.” is back in production and filming new episodes.

The show’s extras casting directors at Tail Sticks Casting are looking for Chicagoland local who would like to work as paid extras in an upcoming crossover episode. “Chicago P.D.” “Chicago Fire”  and “Chicago Med”  will all be coming together for a crossover episode that will feature the cast of all three shows and they are looking for lots of extras for 2 scenes filming later this week. There are manty roles available, please see below for the types needed.

They are seeking general background extras to fill many roles which include a court scene (jury, witnesses, judges, bailiffs, etc), medical patients, upscale cocktail party guests, college students and more.

Chicago PD” is executive produced by Dick Wolf, the man behind the “Law and Order” series. The police drama takes viewers to the gritty streets of Chitown as it follows two units of the Chicago police department, an elite intelligence unit that deals with major crimes as well as a unit of beat cops. Jason Beghe plays Sgt. Hank Voight, the man in charge of an elite team of detectives he hand picked to fight the war on crime in Chicago.

Chicago Med”  is a brand new show that ties into the other “Chicago” NBC series.  The medical drama is also created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead as a spin-off from Chicago Fire. Just like “Chicago PD”  and “Chicago Fire” the show is filming right now in Chicago illinois. Season 1 of Chicago Med is goint to hit out TV screens in just a few weeks. The show is set to premiere on November 17, 2015.

Chicago PD” is a spin-off of NBC’s “Chicago Fire” series which is also filming the new season right now. “Chicago P.D.” is produced by Wolf Films in association with Universal Television.

NBC Chicago PD Extras

NBC’s Chicago PD – Special Background Casting Alert

It’s the 3 Chicago Show CROSSOVER!: Chicago PD, Chicago MED and Chicago FIRE Episode!
Chicago PD’s portion of this crossover will film from Friday, October 30th – Wednesday, November 11th.
*These dates are highly tentative and are subject to change.

We will be reviewing these submission photos with the director to cast these specialty roles. Please submit photos that are clear, well-lit and represent you the best! Please have your submissions in by Friday, October 30th at 10:00AM for casting consideration; unless otherwise stated.

-FILMS: 2 Day Booking: Tuesday, November 3rd & Wednesday, November 4th
-TYPES: Courtroom Scenes: Bailiffs, Jurors, Defense Lawyers, Prosecution Lawyers, Interns, Courtroom Gallery, Witnesses
-SPECS: Males and Females, 20s-older, any ethnicity. Applicants should have a distinguished, classy, well-groomed appearance. Applicants should have nice, well-fitting business attire options. Must also be available for a potential paid wardrobe before film date and the 2 dates of filming.
-RATE: $80/8 hours and time and half after that; If selected for a wardrobe fitting prior to the film date: +$25 Fitting Bump

-FILMS: Potential 3 Day Booking: Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, Wednesday, Nov. 4th, & Thursday, Nov. 5th
-TYPES: Females, 20s-older to play chemotherapy patients
-SPECS: Females, 20s-older, any ethnicity. We are looking to portray women in varying stages of Chemotherapy. Scenes include: Courtroom scenes: witnesses and interview rooms. Applicants with thin frames and short haircuts, to little-to-no hair, are strongly encouraged to apply. Applicants must be ok with wearing no make-up and head scarves, etc. Please include a photo photo without make-up; if you have long(er) hair, please pull it back to show off your face. Must also be available for a potential paid wardrobe before film date and the 3 film dates.
-RATE: Each Day Worked: $80/8 hours and time and half after that; must be available for a wardrobe fitting prior to the film date: +$25 Fitting Bump to pay out. A few women will be selected to undergo SFX make-up/bald caps, their pay rate will be $125/8 hours.

-FILMS: Friday, November 6th
-TYPES: Men and Women with Formal Cocktail Attire
-SPECS: Males and Female, Late 20s-older, any ethnicity. Scene: Formal Fundraiser Event. Looking for well-to-do types, well-groomed and applicants with their own formal attire. Applicants must submit photos of themselves in their best business/cocktail formal attire: best suit and tie, best dress, etc. Applicants should have a flexible schedule as this date is still subject to change. And there are may be a need for a paid wardrobe fitting prior to the film date.
-RATE: $80/8 hours and time and half after that, +$25 Fitting Bump, if fit before film date

If you live around the Chicago, IL area, and have the FULL day & evening available on the specified film dates, please submit an email to TailSticksCasting@gmail.com with the corresponding title (example: “SARABETH”) in the Subject Line with the following info:

ATTACH RECENT, WELL-LIT PHOTOS of yourself (*If submitting for SARABETH, please include a photo with no make-up; *If submitting for “CHAMPAGNE & CAVIAR”, please submit a photo in your best formal fundraiser attire)
FEMALES: Dress/Bust/Waist/Hip/Shoe Measurements
MALES: Jacket/Neck/Sleeve/Waist/Inseam/Shoe Measurements:
CAR?: Year/Make/Model/Color: *Attach a photo of your car.
VISIBLE TATTOOS?: *Please attach a photo
AVAILABILITY: *Please list any absolute conflicts between Oct. 30th-Nov.11th, as these film dates are still subject to change.

Please also see this page to fill out the availability survey.

Chicago Med background casting

Also, they are seeking the following:

FILMS: Wednesday, October 28th
TYPES: Pedestrians with Auto [booked with car]
SCENES: Exterior: Storage Facility/Street Scenes EVENING SHOOT: with an early evening call and must be ok working until midnight. Applicants should be able to make a 4:30pm call time, just in case. Males and Females, 20s-older, any ethnicity, with AUTO. Applicants will be booked with their vehicle to work street/alley scenes.
PAY RATE: $80/8 hours and time and one half for anything after that; plus an additional $25 Auto Bump to your pay out for the use of your car.

FILMS: Thursday, October 29th
TYPES: College Students, Professors, Sorority Girls, Students with bikes
SCENES: Exterior: College Quad Yard, Males and Females, 18-older, any ethnicity. All applicants booked as ‘Students’ should have their own backpacks/messenger bags/computer bags, etc. Some applicants will also be booked to work the first scenes as “Parents at the playground.” Looking for a few students with BIKES to ride through the scene.
PAY RATE: $80/8 hours and time and one half for anything after that; *If booked with your bike = $15 Bike Bump to your pay out

If you live around the Chicago area, and have no time constraints on the dates list above, please submit the following to TailSticksCasting@gmail.com with either “MIDNIGHT RIDE” and/or “ANIMAL HOUSE” in the subject line:


FEMALES: Dress/Bust/Waist/Hip/Shoe Measurements:
MALES: Jacket/Neck/Sleeve/Waist/Inseam/Shoe Measurements:
CAR?: Year/Make/Model/Color: *Attach a photo of your car.
BIKE?: *Attach a photo of your bike
VISIBLE TATTOOS? *If yes, please describe size/placement or attach a photo.

Be sure to check out all the other shows that are now filming in the Chicago area to see their casting calls. Also, the hit FOX drama “Empire” is filming in the area and also looking for talent.

From the executive producers of Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire, comes the next series in the Chicago trilogy, premiering Tuesday, November 17 at 9/8c on NBC.

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    60 years old retired and bored. Can be any part for an Irish looking, Chicago talking man

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    I would love an acting career and I’m just looking for a place to start 🙂

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    I am interested in extra work, please give me a call and give me a chance to be in Chicago PD.

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    I would love this opportunity!

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    I am veey interested in starting an acting career .

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    I am willing to be an extra for this show. Email me back thank you.

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