Girl Group / Singer Auditions and Tryouts in NYC


Girl Group Auditions NYC

Location: New York

Type: Singers

Hi, My name is Schuyler Oaks and I’m a 17 year old singer here on NYC. I’m currently being selected to be apart of a girl group organized by a production company, however, the girls I’m paired with are a little to old and don’t have the look I think would be marketable, so, I’ve decided to build my own girl group by finding girls around my age group, ages 16 – 20, in the New York City area, who can sing and if possible have some dance experience. If you feel your up for the challenge and have what it takes to be apart of the group, here are the following

To apply for the girls group….

MUST live close or around the Brooklyn area (example:, Manhattan , Bronx ,) or have transportation to get there.
MUST be between the age requirement of 16 -20 .
You have to be dedicated and want singing as a career ! Teamwork is needed to succeed girls.

NYC Girl Group auditions / try outs

Send in a video or MP3 followed by a picture of yourself to the email listed ! If your a dancer , you can also attach a video of you dancing , thanks for applying girls ! Good luck !

Payment: none

City or Location of call: New York
Please submit to: by 2015-08-31

One thought on “Girl Group / Singer Auditions and Tryouts in NYC

  1. Venus Mariah Scantlebury

    Hey there! I am Venus Mariah Scantlebury and I am a dancer. I dance hip hop, jazz, ballet, modern, and contemporary. I also can hold a tune when it comes to singing. I am not the best singer or experienced but I could hold a low-mid tune. I also can pursue acting as well. I have a god giving talent for performing. I’m 15 years old and ready to take on the performing world. I danced at Apollo this April as well.


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