History Channel “Vikings” Series Open Casting Call

By | March 31, 2015

Vikings”  Season 4 extras casting information

The show will begin filming in the Dublin and Wicklow areas in April and is looking for TONS of extras. They have announced that they need 8000+ background extras for the new season of the show that will be filming April through December 2015 in Ireland. An open casting call is scheduled for tomorrow in Dublin and next week in Wicklow. The production is only looking for locals because actual call times and fitting will be on short notice and may not give people from out of town enough notice to get to set.

The open call will be held at Filmbase and begin tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM. While the casting announcement states that the process will take 20 minutes, you should be prepared to wait in line for quite some time. Another casting call was held today and reports stated that the wait lines were long and went around multiple blocks in the city. The call will consist of talent filling out an application and getting a photo taken, so you do not need to bring photos with you.

The show is seeking background talent of all ethnicities ages 16 and over. They are seeking people to play Fishermen, Metal Workers, Carpenters, Craftspeople, Farmworkers, Axe Men/Women, Skilled swords people, M&F Archers, Bowmen & Women, M&F Rowers, M&F Sailors, Ship hands & Deckhands, Calligraphers, Latin Speakers, Musicians, Midwives, Nurses, Animal Handlers, Hunters, Blacksmiths, Lumber Jacks, Tree Surgeons, Whittlers, and more. They are particularly interested in men with long hair and Beards, Over 6ft sporty types, No visible tattoos, Women with naturally coloured hair, all men prepared to grow hair and beards, Men and women with punk style haircuts.

Casting call for Vikings

Vikings has been a solid hit for History channel. The show includes quite an international cast and is directed by Michael Hirst (The Tudors). For anyone who hasn’t seen the series… it stars Travis Fimmel as Ragnar, a Viking who has been rising to power quickly by killing the competition. In season 1 Ragnar was a farmer who killed an Earl and took his title, by the end of season 3 he has killed his way up… all the way to king. His quest for land and power takes him and his group on a journey to England and at the end of the current season the Vikings would have made their way to France.

  •  This is mainly for adults aged 16 yrs +
  •  It is for people from all ethnic backgrounds
  •  You DO NOT need an appointment
  •  You only need to attend one of the days to apply
  •  You will be asked to fill out an application form, which we will give you upon arrival
  •  We will take a photo of each person when there
  •  Please only attend if you wish to apply, time is limited and we want to give everyone genuinely wishing to apply a chance. You will be asked to leave if you are just hanging out with friends
  •  The process will only take about 20 mins


FILMBASE, Curved St, Temple Bar, D2
Wednesday 1st April 2015 between 9.30am – 5pm

The Grand Hotel, Abbey St, Wicklow Town
Tuesday 7th April between 10am – 6pm

Our Open Casting days are open to adults of all ethnic backgrounds.

You need to be a full time resident in Ireland. We will be filming mostly in the Dublin and Wicklow areas and when we call for work/fittings, notice can sometimes be very short so availability should be good

Please know, bring along all your measurements e.g. your Height, Chest, Dress, Shoe sizes etc. as you will be asked to put these all on the application form
You do not need to bring an additional CV or Headshots along, but we will accept them if you wish

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