Indie Horror Film Needs Some Volunteer Actors for Speaking Roles in Central New Jersey


Casting small volunteer cast for Trailer for horror feature film

The film project will be shot in Central NJ from 12pm-12AM on Saturday November 28, 2015. Sorry, Non-union & Imdb credit is the total compensation plan.


Three (3) college age speaking roles: (age 21-23 & look it please)

1) Patty-5’7-5’10 pretty blonde or red head; airy and enthusiastic
2) Andrea-cute, brain and maybe wearing glasses.
3) Denise-Italian & tough, wears black everything, mafia princess and crude.

Demons: 3 adult girls and 6 demon kids age 10-18 (parents must be present for entire time)-non-speaking but important roles.

Victim: One (1) girl age 21-23 has to be taking a shower. It doesn’t have to be full nude but maybe bikini bottoms and low-cut bikini top or wear front-style top to reveal back, non-speaking but important role.

To be considered, please email photos plus video samples/reel showing acting skills and resume & please confirm your availability:

One thought on “Indie Horror Film Needs Some Volunteer Actors for Speaking Roles in Central New Jersey

  1. Elena Falkow

    Hi my name is Elena and I think I would be great for the part of Andrea because I myself have glasses even though I don’t have to use them all the time. I consider myself to be brainy and cute just like Andrea. I am 14 years old, have light brown hair that goes below my shoulders. I have freckles. I am 5’2. I love acting because I see what other famous actors and actresses can do. To become famous because I worked hard would make me the happiest person alive.


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