Major Network Casting Families To Go On A Holiday Vacation


Do you know a family that deserves an awesome vacation?

A TV show is now accepting nominations for an inspirational holiday show. The casting directors are casting families to take part and go on a vacation of a lifetime. The show is looking for folks that would love to nominate a family they know or friends who they think are really deserving of a special trip. Families cast for the show will be sent on vacation together to a great destination such as a resort, cruise or theme park and be filmed for TV as they enjoy their holiday together.

Know someone who really needs to get away this holiday season? Check out the casting call below.


Now casting families to go on the ultimate holiday getaway

A major network is seeking families with inspirational stories to be a part of an inspirational holiday special that will air on a major network.

Select families will be sent on a vacation at a major theme park, cruise, or resort destination and taped while enjoying their time together and will air on a holiday special.

-Is your mother a single mom who always put her children first?
-Do you have a friend or family member that always takes care of others before themselves?
-Was your family separated and unable to get together for the holidays? Would you love to finally have everyone back together?

Seeking deserving people from all walks of life whose stories would be described as amazing and unforgettable!

To apply, email with your story, photos, and a contact number.


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3 thoughts on “Major Network Casting Families To Go On A Holiday Vacation

  1. Lina Beeman

    Hello my name is Lina. I have a family of five, a wonderful husband named Travis, our oldest Brayden he is 10 years old, the second oldest is Ayden he is 8 years old, and then our the little girl Jolina who is 7 years old. I have the best family ever. Me and my husband are all about our kids we love spending all of our extra time with each other and our kids. We have always wanted to take our kids on a vacation but just can’t afford one no matter how hard we both work. Please give us the vacation of our dreams.

  2. Nadeaya Frazier

    Hello. My name is Nadeaya (Na-day-yah). I’m 19. We would love a vacation away from the city. I have a family of 4, my mom, brother (17 years old), lil sis (7 years old), and my grandmother. We live in Boston, Ma. We need a vacation for family fun and bonding and we would really appreciate it. Plus it gives us a new memory. Thanks, We’ll be hoping to hear from you.

  3. Jennifer snyder

    My family and I have never been outside of the state of Mn for a vacation. My oldest is 23, middle son is 21 and youngest is 19. My husband and I never even went on a honeymoon following our marriage in 1994. Please select us. It is never to late to build a new memory.


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