MTV is Casting People Who Think They Have a Talent That Needs to be Featured on National Television

Try out for an MTV show – MTV is seeking people whose talents need to be on a TV show!

Do you have a special skill, talent, idea or record? Do you want to share something with MTV viewers? Here is your chance to claim your fame. The show is looking for all different kinds of things people may want to share. Examples may be… silly pet tricks, stunts, twerking, pranks, odd dates. See the list below for more ideas on what you can share with the MTV world. Promote your world, your friends, your life!

Is there something you would like to show the world?
A talent, prank, stunt, world record, a night out meeting guys on tinder, or even how you are the world’s best Wal Mart twerker?

We want big, fun ideas, and talents, or even just raw moments from our viewers lives!! So email

Become the next Devon Supertramp, Bethany Mota, Roman Atwood, Fat Jewish, Jen Selter or Jenna Marbles by just doing the thing you want to be known for in front of millions of people a week.

try out for MTV

Examples of what people have wanted to share:

– confessions caught on hidden camera
– world records
– cool destruction
– crazy races
– blind dates
– stupid pet tricks
– facing fears
– athletic feats
– insane pranks
– crazy flash mobs
– sick stunts

How do you want the world to remember you?

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  1. tyler

    I’m a rapper who loves to record music.

  2. Angela Marie Monroe (AKA Marilyn Monroe)

    Hello I’m looking to submit for MTV is Casting People Who Think They Have a Talent That Needs to be Featured on National Television.

  3. Mike Hunt

    How is any of this music television?

  4. Fae

    New actor, beginner, looking to audition.

  5. Brandon Knowles

    Because my last name Knowles, it is related to Beyonce Knowles. A lot of people often ask if I am related to her. If I say yes, people treat me with much more Kindness. But I’ve been Brandon Knowles before there was Beyonce Knowles.

  6. vineet jha

    please inform if there is an audition…

    1. erica

      There is information in this page as to how to apply. They are taking submissions. Doubt they will have open auditions, but never know.

  7. Jason kumar

    Is this in india too?

    1. erica

      It is US only.

  8. mohamed gamal

    I am an actor and do stand up comedy.

  9. mike howard

    Would be a dream come true to be on television. I have a huge sense of humor with a bigger heart.

  10. maya

    This sounds cool, I would love this in my town! Richmond Virginia that is!

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