Discovery Network’s Survival Series “Men, Women, Wild” is Casting Couples Nationwide

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Auditions for “Men, Women, Wild” Couple Survival show

Discovery Channel’s newest survival challenge is looking for adventurous couples who believe they are ready to survive anywhere on the planet for 21 days.


We’re looking for survivalist couples of all ethnicities from all across the country. If you think that you can conquer the wild, work productively with your partner, motivate each other when struggling, and kick some ass on survivalist mode… then, we want to hear from you!

If you and your spouse/significant other have the combined skills to survive for 21 days in harsh conditions anywhere in the world, a major cable network is looking for you.

Are your camping trips more about surviving than glamping? Does working together as a team help you solve conflicts at home and in nature? Are you tired of practicing your survival skills in the backyard and want to put them to the test? Discovery channel is seeking adventurous couples that not only survive together, but thrive together when given a challenge.

If you and your loved one have the combined skills to navigate through harsh terrain and provide fire, water, food and shelter for one another, then we want to hear from you!

To apply, please email us at

Men, Women, Wild Casting

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  1. Joe savage

    Me and my wife (28/30) would love a chance to prove our survival skills.

  2. lyric crispino

    It’s a DREAM for my partner and I to put our survival skills to the test. We’ve gone longer than 21 days before, I know we can do it now. We specialize in alternative building, fire starting and wild crafting. We’ll bring our skills AND our personalities- I assure you there’s much there 😉

  3. Nathan Pollard

    Heya, myself and my Girlfriend are looking for a challenge. This sounds like a pretty cool experience to take part it! We’re both training to be in the Stunt industry and we are looking for something cool too do?

  4. Sharon Ohlsen

    My husband and I have been married 27 years and think we would RULE on your show! I have sent an email and filled out necessary application already! Please hit us up! You won’t be disappointed!

  5. Will hickey

    I have a fair bit of survival knowledge and would love to challenge myself. My wife has learned a lot from me and I really think we could do great.

  6. Erica Scharf

    My wife commented on this. I Think we could over come anything that you set in front of us. My wife was born in MT and I was born in MN. We are not outdoors people but we live in and I think we could handle anything you got, not sure. If you get tools like fire starter, clothes your wearing, if so my wife and I would kill it… not

  7. Erica Scharf

    My husband Bryan and I would love the chance to be on your show. My husband being a big city person and myself being a small town girl. We want the chance to experience something different in our life’s. we don’t have many skills but when put in a survival situation i think we’ed have enough skills. Also help strengthen our Marriage.

  8. Erica Scharf

    My husband Bryan would love the chance to be on your show!

  9. Erica Scharf

    My husband Bryan and myself would love the chance to be on your show!

  10. Francisco Maldonado

    Me and my girlfriend would like to go on your show

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