New MTV Docu-series Casting Those Keeping Big Secrets Nationwide



Type: Docu-series

A new MTV series from the creators of Catfish: The TV Show is looking to help anyone ready to let go of a secret once and for all.

Do you have a secret that you have been keeping from a friend or loved one? Has this secret spiraled out of control, leading you to live a double life? Are you exhausted from covering it all up? Or just tired of living a life that feels like a lie?

With the guidance of our team, we want to help you tell your friend or loved one what has really been going on in your life in a safe, supportive environment.

Do you feel like a friend or loved one is hiding something from you?
If someone you love is harboring a big secret, you deserve to know the truth. Solid relationships are based in truth and honesty, and we want to help you move towards an open and honest future.
-Do you have a friend or family member who disappears for long periods of time and you want to know where they truly go?
-Are you fed up with a friend or loved one giving excuses that simply do not add up?
-Are you concerned your loved one could be living a double life?
-Is your friend or family member lying about their job?
-Could someone in your life be hiding an affair or secret relationship?
If you can no longer ignore suspicious behavior, we want to hear your story.
With the guidance of our team, we want to help you get to the bottom of strange behavior, and finally get the answers you deserve.

MTV casting new series about secrets

No more excuses. No more cover ups.
We can help you finally be free of your secret.
If you are 18 or older and ready to release the weight of your deception, we want to help. Please send an email with a description of your story, along with your name, location, phone number and photo of yourself.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: NATIONWIDE
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