New Tyra Banks Show “The F.A.B. Life” Casting Ladies Wanting Fab Makeovers


Tyra Banks has a new daytime talk show coming out later this year and has a call out for over-the-top personalities looking for a makeover.

The syndicated ABC/Disney show is set to premiere in the fall of 2015 with the iconic supermodel, businesswoman and TV personality, Tyra Banks at the helm. Tyra is hosting the show as well as executive producing. Tyra banks will be joined on “The F.A.B. Life”  by  swim suit model and reality show host,  Chrissy Teigen, “Entertainment Tonight” fashion correspondent and creative director for Elle, Joe Zee, designer Lauren Makk and lifestyle blogger / Youtube personality Leah Ashley. The new talk show is described as a lifestyle panel show. The name itself (F.A.B.) is an acronym for “Fun And Beautiful.”

Interested in getting a makeover on the show?  “The F.A.B. Life” is taking submissions and nominations nationwide. See the casting notice below for information on how to apply.

Tyra Banks The F.A.B. Life

Makeover candidates with over-the-top personalities for new, fun, lifestyle show

Location: Nationwide

Type: Talk Show

New talk show looking for deserving, fun, over-the-top makeover candidates! Please submit to include photo and description why you or someone you know needs a makeover!

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to:

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12 thoughts on “New Tyra Banks Show “The F.A.B. Life” Casting Ladies Wanting Fab Makeovers

  1. Veronica Elizabeth Guzman

    Hey guys! I would love to know more about these casting calls and when they will be held. I currently live in San diego, however it is easy for me to travel to LA any day! Thank you! Oh, and a make over would sound great from the show, especially after watching so many ANTM episodes 🙂 -Vero Eli

  2. Jacqueline Fox

    I’m in desperate need of a makeover! I’m the mother of 4 boys and a step-daughter. My kids are 28, 24, 22, 22 and then there’s my little surprise, a 4y ear old. Yes, we did that and sometimes I still can’t believe it. He’s my 2 seater convertible. My pregnancy was very difficult and sometimes depressing. I never thought I would be having a baby at the age of 40. This was my first c-section and I just can’t seem to get myself back together. My weight is up and down like a yo-yo. Due to my blood pressure and the medicine I’m taking I have lost a lot of hair and it is so thin. I’ve tried working out, diets and more and I always give up. I wear a lot of ponytails and wigs to hide behind and place pillows/purses in my lap when I sat down. I feel good about myself(I think) but it’s time to stop hiding and show the Diva that I know I can be. Please help me become a Glam- Mama again.
    Jacqueline Fox

  3. Renee Gilliard

    Would like to audition and send photos.

  4. linda vergara

    just turneds 60, lots of age lines, tired looking and need some makeup tips as I have not worn makeup in fifteen years. I don’t know how to apply it anymore, Please help.

  5. sangita napit

    I am ready, just give me call in an audition 🙂

  6. Brenda moore

    I recently turned 50 and I’m a mom of 5 boys and 2 step sons as well as a grandmother to two little girls. I was married to my high school sweetheart but it ended badly in divorce when he left me for a girl much younger and thinner, depression really put on the weight and was hard to come out of but reconnected with a high school friend whom I married and love deeply. I have recently lost 3 brothers as well as my dad so my depression is still an issue. I desperately want to feel good about myself and look good for my husband. Please help me with a makeover! Thanks

  7. Pamela Gardner

    This is Pamela, and it is my turn for makeover!

  8. Christina Johnson

    I would really love and appreciate a makeover.

  9. Myeve Capozzi

    I’m in desperate need of a makeover – for my looks and my life!

  10. Nikkie Howard

    I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to have a Makeover..

  11. Linda Fulcher

    I would like to be on your next show. I need a makeover, contact me.


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