Open Auditions in Dallas for Speaking Roles in Indie Film Productions

Pugnax Post Pugna & The face of Accomplishment

Location: Dallas, Texas

Type: Film

To sign up, a head shot is preferred, but anybody who is interested in acting can email us and sign up for the casting call. you might uncover a hidden talent!

The DFW Film crew is holding a casting Call on Sunday, July 12th, 2015 at the Dallas Makerspace in Carrollton.

Its a non Paid Gig but it may change depending on our budget. We will do our best to compensate all talent as much as we can! We will provide Meals, Snacks, Beverages and Transportation.

The Face of Accomplishment: A man going through a divorce goes on a journey to search for the girl he fell in love with as a young man. The film deals with the idea of following dreams but in the unseen pessimistic, yet sometimes true, sense that dreams may not come true.

Michael – Recently Divorced, his life is a mess. His clothes look worn. He is moderately attractive. He always looks a little tired. He is the protagonist; we like him, and pity him slightly, but mostly want him to find his lost love. We infer his wife was wrong to leave him. On top of this he is ambitious, and hopeful. Michael is in his 40’s. His flaw is that he does not give up, but it is also why we admire him.

Nick – The supporting character. Nick is a contrast to Michael. He is stable and practical. He is married and soon to be a father. While he is ignorant to Michael’s craze early in the story, but progressively becomes more aware, and shows caution when Michael becomes tense. He becomes weary of Michael’s decisions, but still supports him out of a long friendship. In the end, he still thinks more logically than Michael, and leaves him. Nick is closely aged to Michael, and his long time friend

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Pugnax Post Pugna: loansharks are lending out money to men in a down economy. Whoever wins the first fight is given a loan at a 50 percent interest. it goes down each round, The little known fourth rule/round is that fighting one of the sharks (to the death) will give them the money as a grant and not a loan.

Jessica [Female] [Age: 25-35] Jessica is like Tony’s female counterpart, physically, mentally, and socioeconomically. She and Tony are only vaguely familiar with each other, yet for the brief time they were acquainted they had a positive experience. Their humanity is about to be tested though, as neither of them are aware that the other will be standing in the way of their survival.

Tony [Male] [Age: 25-35] Tony is a lower class unemployed citizen whose utter poverty has left him without many viable options for survival. Physically, he isn’t very impressive. But his sheer desperation and unyielding determination make up for his slim build and small stature. The question is whether or not depravity is worth his survival.

Leon [Male] [Age: 45-55] Leon is a wealthy mob boss who runs his own underground fight club. He has an average physical build, but you can tell he’s the most powerful figure in the room by his solid composure and authoritative manner of speech.

Please EMAIL US to sign up or for any questions you may have!

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Dallas, Texas
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