Open Auditions in San Diego For “A Christmas Carol” Radio Show


Orson Welles presents: “A Christmas Carol” Radio Show

Location: San Diego, CA

Type: Theater

AUDITIONS – “Orson Welles presents: A Christmas Carol – Radio Show”

This production will recreate Orson Welles’ annual radio production of “A Christmas Carol” presented every Christmas Eve. The year is 1939 and the audience will see the radio show as actors celebrate the holiday season performing “A Christmas Carol” with live music and sound effects. Supporting characters will play 2 or more roles and may sing in the chorus. All ages are needed.

Those interested in singing in the show should be ready to sing part of any Christmas carol without accompaniment.

Sunday, October 4 @ 6:00 pm
Monday, October 5 @ 5:30 pm
Callbacks (if needed) are Tuesday, October 6 at 7:00pm

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.
Please bring a resume and current headshot with you. Please also know any conflicts through December 20.

Performances: November 27 – December 20
Fridays/Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 2pm

Auditions will be held at Lamplighters Theatre
5915 Severin Drive, La Mesa, 91942

Directed by Robin Pollock
Produced by Rob Conway

A Christmas Carol San Diego

Available roles:


EBENEZER SCROOGE: a cold miserly, creditor whose redemption to kindness defines the meaning of Christmas.

BOB CRATCHIT: Scrooge’s overworked employee, patriarch of a family poor in wealth but rich in love.

JACOB MARLEY: Scrooge’s business partner who died seven years ago, a kind man in life who is now a frightened, wandering ghost.


Female Actors:

GENTLEWOMAN: An upper class philanthropist raising money for the poor
MRS. CRATCHIT: Bob Cratchit’s kindly wife who loves her children

MRS. FEZZIWIG: Mr. Fezziwig’s wife, a generous and jolly woman
CHARWOMAN: Scrooge’s housekeeper

BELLE: a woman Scrooge had been engaged to in his youth
MRS. DILBER: Scrooge’s laundress

GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST: The first spirit, described as small and gentle that shows Scrooge Christmas celebrations in the past.

MARTHA CRATCHIT: the eldest daughter of the Cratchit’s
FRED’S WIFE: the wife of Scrooge’s nephew

Male Actors:

RADIO ANNOUNCER: Introduces the show, intermission and ending. Needs excellent diction.
UNDERTAKER’S MAN: a man who has no ethics about stealing from the dead
MR. FEZZIWIG: Scrooge’s first employer, a generous and jolly man

PETER CRATCHIT: the Cratchit’s eldest son
BELLE’S HUSBAND: a man who sees Scrooge on the night Marley dies

FRED: Scrooge’s friendly nephew who wants his uncle to be part of his family
DICK WILKINS: another apprentice at Fezziwig’s establishment

GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: The second spirit described as a Giant, who shows Scrooge his the Christmas present.
OLD JOE: a pawnshop owner


TINY TIM: the young, lame son of the Cratchit’s

BELINDA CRATCHIT: the Cratchit’s second daughter
FAN: Scrooge’s little sister (grew up to be Fred’s mother)

LITTLE BOY CRATCHIT: another Cratchit son
BOY: the boy Scrooge sends to buy the big prize turkey for Christmas

LITTLE GIRL CRATCHIT: another Cratchit daughter

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: San Diego, CA

This casting notice was posted by: Lamplighters Community Theatre

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