Open Casting Call for Speaking Roles in Feature Film – Jackson Mississippi


Morgan Casting will be holding open auditions in Jackson Mississippi for the feature film “The Neighbor

The auditions are scheduled to be held on Saturday, the 31 st at the Ice House in Jackson.  There are many open speaking and non-speaking roles for a variety of age groups including kids. Talent attending can request a copy of the script / lines that they will be reading at the audition prior to the event via email. See the full instructions and details below.

The film will begin production next month and filming will go through mid March. Talent applying must be local to the Jackson area or able to get to the auditions (and possible filming location if cast) at their own expese since no travel costs are being covered by the production.

SAG-AFTRA LOW BUDGET Feature Film due to shoot in Jackson, Mississippi
Start Date is Feb. 19 – Mid March

All talent MUST work local to central Mississippi at his or her own expense (travel, hotel, etc.)

STORY LINE: When Heather Thomas and Shane Riley deliver children in the same hospital, they become fast friends. After an investment goes south, Shane takes drastic action, putting her family and her friendship with Heather in jeopardy. Now struggling to keep herself out jail and her family intact, Shane will say or do anything to get what she wants…

Auditions in JKackson for speaking roles in feature film "The Neighbor"


[CHASE] 21 years old, childish and immature. Somewhat good looking, not the sharpest guy. Reference is Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights. Chase is the father of Heather’s baby. Incapable of acting like a responsible parent, he misses the birth of his child. Eventually, his daughter sparks a new sense of responsibility, and Chase cleans up his act; his floppy hair is combed, and his punk look is swapped for a more cleaned up appearance. This supposedly more mature Chase believes he is better suited to raise their child, and battles Heather for custody…SUPPORTING LEAD (4)

[BECKY] Hard-working and doting, Becky is Heather’s supportive mother. Mid-40s, a bit rough around the edges- life has not been easy. Sensitive to her daughter’s struggles, she is quick to show love and support, but is sometimes at a loss when things get rough. She moves into an apartment with her daughter after Shane recommends an affordable place next door. Supporting the family has clearly taken a toll on her. When Heather has a particularly bad episode, Becky resorts to calling her therapist…SUPPORTING LEAD (12)

[KEN BACHAN] Distinguished and hard-nosed, Ken is the patriarch of the Bachan family. Alex’s Father. Late 40s to late 50s (more in his 50s) He wears his disappointment for his son on his sleeves; Ken prefers instead to treat his son-in-law, Eric, as his favorite. His tune changes when Eric endorses Alex’s new investment plan, but his skepticism remains obvious…SUPPORTING LEAD (42)

[ERIC] In his 30s, slick, confident, Eric is Alex’s brother in law. A successful businessman, Eric is favored by Ken Bachan, Alex’s father. Uncomfortable with his position in the spotlight, he endorses Alex’s ideas, and is happy to give some advice…2 speeches & 7 lines, 3 scenes (8)

[SADIE] 6 years old, bright, Sadie is Alex and Shane’s daughter. Alex and Shane are two of the lead actors for the film – yet to be cast Sadie is most likely Caucasian but do not limit with ethnicity for the child – open to all ethnic backgrounds, mixed race, etc. not yet sure who will play Mom and Dad. She takes a liking to Heather, referring to her as “Auntie”…4 lines, 10 scenes (6)

[JEAN-LOUIS] French, wirey, in his 50s, animated and schmoozy, Jean-Louis is an entrepreneur opening a new club in town. Misunderstanding Shane to be a store owner rather than an employee, he immediately suggest she invest in his club. While securing her investment, Jean-Louis treats Shane like a business partner. As soon as Shane is involved in some legal trouble, however, Jean-Louis is nowhere to be found Open to someone who’s African American and/or a bit overweight, But please do not limit…6 speeches & 8 lines, 3 scenes (22)

[KATE] Neighborly, married to Jennifer. 30 – 45 years. Open to all ethnic backgrounds. She lives in Heather’s building with her wife and two sons. They befriend Heather, and begin hiring her as a babysitter. Their family is later seen at the wedding…4 speeches & 6 lines, 4 scenes (54)

[JENNIFER] Friendly, married to Kate. 30-45 years. Open to all ethnic backgrounds. Jennifer lives in Heather’s building with her wife and two sons. They befriend Heather, and begin hiring her as a babysitter. Their family is later seen at the wedding…4 speeches & 2 lines, 4 scenes (54)

[ALI] In her early 30s, supportive, Ali is Alex’s sister. Knowing her father looks down on Alex, Ali does her best to shed positive light on Alex’s endeavors while at a family dinner. She’s later seen at the wedding…2 speeches & 4 lines, 3 scenes (42)

[DETECTIVE LAUREN LUND] Female. Late 30s to mid 40s, sharp, no-nonsense, Detective Lund investigates a robbery involving Alex and the bar where he works. Sensing a tension between Heather and Shane, Lund exploits the relationship to gain information. Reference could be Kim Dickens from Gone Girl / Treme….2 speeches & 3 lines, 3 scenes (62)

[PETER] In his 40s, a cheerful, down-to-earth hipster in a wheelchair, Peter runs the bar where Alex works. After Alex becomes a suspect in a robbery, Peter reluctantly fires him knowing he’s losing his best employee…4 speeches & 3 lines, 2 scenes (25)

[MELANIE] 20 years old, self-centered, a wiry motormouth, Melanie is Chase’s new girlfriend. Her efforts to befriend Heather come across as patronizing…2 speeches & 2 lines, 3 scenes (30)

[SUSAN] This pleasant but stern banker assists Shane with a loan. 30s to 50s. Open to all ethnic backgrounds. She later calls Shane to tell her that the loan has been denied…1 speech & 7 lines, 2 scenes (33)

[NURSE #1] 20s to 40s. Open to all ethnic backgrounds. This nurse tends to Shane and Heather post-delivery. She comes running when Heather panics, and escorts Chase from the room…2 speeches & 4 lines, 2 scenes (13)

[MR. HUGHES] Late 50s – 60s. Wry, Mr. Hughes is Heather’s English teacher. Aware of her struggles with pregnancy, he extends the deadline on her paper…2 speeches & 1 line, 1 scene (1)

[LAWYER] This encouraging lawyer helps Heather plan her trial. 30s to 40s. Open ethnicity. She reassures Heather, explaining the likeliness of the case going in her favor…3 speeches & 1 line, 1 scene (20)

[CONNOR SAVAGE] An aggressive young lawyer, Connor Savage is Ken Bachan’s attorney. 30s. Open ethnicity. He meets with Shane and Alex while they’re being held…2 speeches & 2 lines, 1 scene (74)

[KATHLEEN] A Kathy Bates type in her 50s, this wealthy customer shops for a dress at the store where Shane works. She’s a bit judgmental after discovering Shane never finished college. Think of her more as Kathy Bates with a bit of a ‘Real Housewives’ look/attitude….1 speech & 2 lines, 1 scene (20)

[NICOLE] Catty, the ringleader of a group of mean girls, Nicole teases Heather about her pregnancy, implying that Heather sleeps around 18 + to look 18. Open ethnicity…3 lines, 1 scene (2)

[HANDSOME HIPSTER/CAREY] Ruggedly handsome, tattooed sleeves, this high school classmate of Shane’s sarcastically congratulates her on her pregnancy. Early 20s. Caucasian or Hispanic…1 speech & 1 line, 1 scene (7)

[DR. HURWITZ] Seen in a therapy session with Heather, Dr. Hurwitz notices her increasingly manic behavior and decides to tweak her medication. 40s to 50s. Open ethnicity. Male or Female …1 speech & 1 line, 1 scene (35)

[DEFENSE ATTORNEY] In her 40s, wearing a power suit, this confident lawyer represents Shane in court. Open ethnicity…2 lines, 1 scene (94)

[PROSECUTOR] This lawyer shouts an objection in court as Shane testifies…30s to 40s. Male or Female. Open ethnicity…1 line, 1 scene (95)

[NEWS ANCHOR] Seen on television, this very serious female news anchor reports on a break in at the bar where Alex works, Open ethnicity. Late 20s to late 40s…1 speech, 1 scene (55)

[JACKSON] 9 years old, Jackson is Kate and Jennifer’s son. He plays with Sadie at the wedding, Open ethnicity…No lines, 3 scenes (54)

[NOLAN] 7 years old, Nolan is Kate and Jennifer’s son. He plays with Sadie at the wedding, Open ethnicity…No lines, 3 scenes (54)

[FARMER] Following a stench emanating from an abandoned barn, this farmer discovers a dead body, Male. Charactery farmer types. 40s to 50s…No lines, 1 scene (1)

[MOLLY) Heather’s baby. Girl. We will need her as a newborn, up to 6 months and 6 months up to 1 year. Please include current age, date of birth, current city, parents’ names and best contact number. – to be booked from photo

[DYLAN] Shane’s baby. Boy. We will need him as a newborn, up to 6 months and 6 months up to 1 year. Please include current age, date of birth, current city, parents’ names and best contact number. – to be booked from photo

Thanks so much, and we truly appreciate the support! Very excited about this film and script!

Matthew c/o Morgan Casting Inc.

Please email us to
Be sure to include the following info:

1. Current photo/s
2. Name
3. Age
4. Phone #s
5. Current City/State
6. Roles for which you would like to most be considered

Please title your email with “your name” for the role of “___” for THE NEIGHBOR

Sides/lines will be available at the casting session in Jackson. If time permits, we will try to send them prior to those who email who are best suited for the role.

If you are a represented actor submitted through your talent agency, and selected to self tape for us (through breakdown services), that is our preference vs. attending the live casting session.

The live session will be an open call and open to the general public, giving those who best fit the specs and characters above the opportunity to perhaps read for a speaking part for the film. We are open to seeing local actors represented, non represented, and also “real people/non-actors” hoping to land a line or two in a film. Once again, please be sure you fit one of the character descriptions.

Open Casting Call – THE NEIGHBOR
Saturday, January 31st
The Ice House – Ice House Alley Warehouses
251 West South Street
Jackson, MS 39203

11am – 5pm

We ask that all babies do not attend the open call – we will book from photo or hold a separate casting session for those two roles (MOLLY & DYLAN).

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  1. Dwaine slay

    I just got threw filming a movie in the Ms area, the name of the movie is Bully’s Bane, I played the part of a drug dealer, the bad guy. I set up a lot of the scene locations. I would like to do speaking roles. I am willing to work for three years for no pay to get more movies under my belt. I am going to be 62 years old in April. I have money and I am a black belt in karate and I am in very good shape. I am 5 foot 10 inches tall and 180 pounds with gray hair. If you know of any director that can use me in films in the Ms area please let me know.

  2. Erica Corte

    Detective Lauren

    What is the pay for this role?


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