Open Online Auditions for Lead & Speaking Roles in “Empire” Sister Show “Star”


Online Auditions for Lead Roles in “Star” TV show.

You can be the next Cookie Lyon!

Lee Daniel’s, the man behind the FOX hit music drama “Empire”  is working on a new show, “Star” and  holding online auditions for main roles including the leads. The new show is looking for young, female talent with a great voice and some acting chops… though experience is not necessary to be considered.

The new show is holding nationwide, online auditions for new and undiscovered talent to fill the 4 main, speaking roles listed below. Daniels has launched an international talent search that is being held online, giving talent in every state a shot at the coveted spots.  The main cast in “Star” will be all female and there is one role up for grabs of a transgender character named Cotton. All 4 roles will play young, aspiring music artists with big dreams of stardom.

Are you the next cookie? Online auditions for Empire sister series, Star

Star”  will also be a music oriented drama series that focuses on the trials of being in the music industry. Daniels is  looking for actors to fill 4 major roles including the role of Star.  Whether the show will tie into “Empire” at all is yet unknown and “Empire” fans will need to stay tuned to see. The new series is part of Daniel’s deal with FOX. According to TVLine, the music oriented series will include plenty of drama… and of course great music…. “the choices with which these artists are faced along the way, while showcasing the allure and heartache of the cut-throat music scene, and exploring cultural themes from a new perspective. What will they do to rise to the top?”

The “Star” television  pilot begins filming shortly in the Atlanta area. The pilot is being written, directed and produced by Lee Daniels with Tom Donaghy co-writing and serving as executive producer. While “Empire films in the Chicago area, “Star”  will be produced in Atlanta.

Empire casting call for extras in Chicago

These are the roles they are holding auditions for:

STAR: Character is a Caucasian female, 18 years old (actor must be 18 years of age or over). She’s a tough chick with a badass attitude.

ALEXANDRA: Character is an African-American female, about 20 (actor must be 18 years of age or over). She’s an elegant yet classic beauty. Alexandra wants to put this material world behind her so she can make real, authentic music.

SIMONE: Character is Half African-American Half Caucasian, Star’s younger sister, 16 years old (actor must be 18 years of age or over). Tragic and adorable.

COTTON: Character is a half African-American and half Latina transgender woman with a stunning look, 20 (actor must be 18 years of age or over). She has an especially keen eye for fashion.

If you think you can handle a large TV series role and pull off the next Cookie Lyon… here is your chance.

The online auditions are asking talent to upload a 2 minute video of themselves to the online submission form FOX has setup  here.  Talent applying needs some singing ability and is required to upload a monologue as well as a vocal performance.

The show is now in the pre-production stages and production will begin in December and continue into 2016.Producers are hoping to find the same success with “Star” as they have with FOX’s current hit, “Empire.”

By the way, FOX’s “Empire” is still filming season 2 and has been releasing lots of casting calls for small roles.


11 thoughts on “Open Online Auditions for Lead & Speaking Roles in “Empire” Sister Show “Star”

  1. robyn

    Man if only I was 4 years older I could be star

  2. Gabrielle Vanounou

    I am French Moroccan and Italian, 22 years of age. Height 5’4, hazel eyes, 110 lbs. I am an actress I have booked some small gigs here and there. I feel the role of Star would be a perfect break out role for me. Please contact me If you are still looking I am very interested.

  3. Tyesha Stephens


  4. alexandra lee almanzar

    Hi, so how do we submit for the casting?

  5. Rickey Picturefolks Jones

    The first successful African American photographer to go on national tours with every artist you can think of out of that Twin Cities. Caring for people is where I made may first mistake. Now I’m boycotted for doing the right thing. Who care’s Rickey picturefolks Jones is a volunteer and activist with our organization. He has assisted numerous individuals experiencing police brutality by documenting their cases photographically, attending their court hearings and otherwise supporting and assisting them.
    Rickey’s interest in this issue stems from his own experiences with police. As a professional photographer, Rickey witnessed and videotaped an incident of Minneapolis police officers brutalizing an elderly African American woman. From that point on, he has become a target and has experienced seven separate incidents of physical abuse and countless incidents of harassment and false charges by police. In one incident, police and prosecutors were shown to have engaged in misconduct when they erased key portions of a videotape of a beating of Rickey Jones. Despite this, Rickey continues to stand up for others.

  6. Kemo Deterville

    Hey I’m kemo and I’m from the U.S. Virgin Islands. I want to have the opportunity to show you what every body has been killing to see and don’t even know about (me). I’m a goofy, get the job done kind of guy. I sing, dance, write cook, play a little bit of piano by ear… I’m just the works. So I ask for and opportunity to have you in awe! Totally blown. I guess I’ll see you guys when you contact me.

  7. Yadira Ramos

    Im a Puerto Rican woman, ready to grow as an actress. I have an accent, 39 years old, long hair, honest, I sing and more. Hope to receive a reply.

  8. Alyssa Dee Mosley

    I would really love to audition for Empire, I am a good singer and I was going to try and be on The Voice but I also am into acting. I love the show and everything about it, it’s dope.

  9. Lashannon Thomas

    Hi im interested in becoming a star or an extra on the show. I can sing a little bit but my dancing and acting skills are on point, please contact me.

  10. Samantha Jackson

    Would love to be apart of the movie Star. Please feel free to contact me, I have a pleasant voice and follow direction.


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