Rochester, NY Student Film “Clairvoyant” Seeks Cast



Location: Rochester, NY

Type: Student Films

CASTING CALL for RIT Thesis Film: “Clairvoyant” directed by Ben Stutzman?.

Clairvoyant is a upcoming film student produced at the School of Film and Animation at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Clairvoyant follows the story of Anthony Voyt, a man who has the amazing ability to see 10 seconds into the future at a time. However, when his past comes back to haunt him, things start to go awry.

Available Roles:

ANTHONY, Male, 20-25

The main character of the film. He has the amazing ability to glimpse the future about 10 seconds at a time, due to a device called “Clairvoyant”. Our talent needs to have short hair for the film because we have to see the device later in the film. However, for 90% of the film he will be wearing the hat thick enough that the glowing device does not shine through.

TONY, Male, 60

Anthony’s father and the CEO of the company that created Clairvoyant. They have been estranged for many years, but when there is turmoil within the company, Tony reappears in his son’s life.

CLAIR, Female, 20-25

Anthony’s perfect girlfriend. Strong-willed and caring, she is willing to do anything to protect their relationship.

NEIL, Male, 40

An executive at the company that created Clairvoyant. A reasonable man until you cross him, in which case he is not afraid to make you pay. Neil is a commanding figure, and always prepared with a back-up plan. He has worked with Oliver and Anthony for a few years inside the company.

OLIVER/OLIVIA, Any Gender, mid 30’s

Works for Neil. Oliver is selfless, always focused on the human element, and cares about what is right more than what is popular. He is soft-spoken, one of few words, but as a result, when he does actually open his mouth, people listen.


Various Supporting Roles:

  • Stan – Henchman (could be any gender)
  • Igor – Henchman (could be any gender)
  • Grace – Driver
  • Card Players
  • Card Dealer
  • Guard

Payment: Paid

Character descriptions, audition information, and contact form available here:

City or Location of call: Rochester, NY
Please submit to: See link above by 2015-07-29

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  1. DAVE

    There is NO LINK or E-Mail address to respond to this Casting Ad! good Luck!

    1. erica Post author

      The link is towards the bottom of the casting notice, right above where the contact information normally is.


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