San Diego Tupac Shakur Indie Film “Makaveli”



Location: San Diego

Type: Student Films

Casting Notice “Makaveli” All Eyes On Me
Makaveli is short film about Tupac faking his death to take out the Illuminati 10 years later.

Makaveli – Non-Union, independent short film will be filming in the San Diego area shortly. Auditions will be held by Bro Circle Entertainment in Oceanside, CA ( 302 Oceanside Blvd., Oceanside CA 92054). There is no pay. Actors cast for the roles below will receive copy and credit.

Character Bios

Tupac is a Hip-Hop Mogul who is on a mission to take out the Illuminati. He dreams that one day he will free the world from the trap of 2% of the rich that is running the world.

DJ Quik is the narrator of the story, He explains the story from his point of view. It is summer 2006 10 years after Tupac’s death and DJ Quik is still progressing with his career.

Geezy is a basketball player from the hood that made it to the pros. He is a very cocky, confident, happy and charming. He has been playing basketball his whole life and has been a star since high school. He is well respected and well known around the city.

Looking for a attractive young energetic bartender that is willing to pour some drinks.

Looking for a attractive young woman that is ready to show her jealous side in one scene with DJ Quik.

Looking for somebody that will be doing a lot of trash talking on the court. He will be the star athlete on the floor before Geezy shows up.

Basic news reporter to relay the news of the plane crash. We need you to have some experience with delivery and proper wardrobe is required.

Looking for somebody that will direct DJ Quik to the right direction when he reaches the hospital.

Dr. Carter is the Doctor who gives Tupac the bad news and tries to identify him before he flees the scene.

Karissa is one of the younger family members to the illuminati and realizes that Tupac is still alive and plans on having him killed.

Looking for somebody that will act as the new hitman that will be on the Tupac mission. He meets with Karissa and confirms the plan.

For any actors looking to beef up their resume, there are various undefined extras necessary for the

Tupac Rider Pair #1 (2 People)
[Friend #1] [MALE] [AGE25-50] [SUPPORTING] [BLACK]
Looking for 2 actors who are willing to be Tupac’s outlaws while he is on his plane back to Los Angeles. This is a street look so baggy jeans, no name brand hats and athletic gear is a must.

Tupac Rider Pair #2 (2 People)
[Friend #2] [MALE] [AGE25-50] [SUPPORTING] [BLACK]
Looking for 2 actors who will be in shock when the plane is on the verge of crashing. Keep in mind nobody knew they plane was going to crash.You will need a more professional look, you are more like the body guards.

Illuminati Members (10 People)
Looking for older professional rich men. All Black suits will be required to be apart of this scene.

Basketball Scene (15 Players)
Looking for all type of athletic men or former basketball players. Basketball gear and a little bittle of skill will be required to be apart of this scene.

Looking for all type of people that want to be in the beginning of the movie playing as the gangstas on the block.

Club/Bar Scene ( 100 People)
Looking for any type of people that want to party and have fun. This is more of a Hip-Hop club so overall we need people that love Tupac’s music.
Hospital Scene (10 Nurses)

Looking for inspiring nurses or people in the medical field that want to play employees at the hospital.
Children Playing Outside Scene (10 Children)

Looking for energetic children. This is a very wide category as long as the children are in the age group it’s almost 100% chance that i will need them.

Auditions will be held in Oceanside, CA on November 2nd – November 6th from Noon-9pm

Appointments are mandatory however walk-ins will also be allowed if given a 30 minute notice.
Those without appointments will be seen in the order in which they arrive.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: San Diego
Please submit to: by 2015-11-11

This casting notice was posted by: Qwyntel Carter

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