Seeking Local Talent to fill 7 Roles for Hip Hop Drama in GA

The Rapper

Location: Lithonia, Georgia

Type: Web series


Seeking local talent to fill seven roles for Hip Hop Drama based web series that will be filmed in the city of Lithonia. Casting will take place January 30th – January 31st from 12pm – 5pm in downtown Lithonia.

All potential actors MUST BE AVAILABLE to film on weekends from 10am – 7pm starting Feb. 20th until March 27th, we will be filming exclusively on weekends.

To reserve a slot and get audition sides email me at

No Pay – Compensation will be meal and credit.

Seeking the following for the featured roles:

Octavious “Tay Brackens” Brackens II (Black Male 18-25) – A young man yet to find himself, still searching for his validity and manhood in the rough streets Lithonia, all the while mastering his talent to put together words, and deep thought in rhyme form such as no one has done before. Octavious is seeking purpose, balance, and success, without having to compromise his life or his freedom.

Demarcus “Dee” Mills (Black Male 18-25) – Insightful, upbeat, positive, and most important, loyal, Demarcus is Octavious’s closet friend, he is the alternative to Mike’s reality, as a beat making producer, he provides an alternative path to success rather than running the streets. Demarcus strongly believes in Octavious’s talent, if only he could get him to see what he sees.

Kentrell “Trell” Hopkins (Black Male 18-25) – Kentrell motto is “if it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense,” he is Octavious’s hustling partner who is obsessed with the fast life, the money, the clothes, the women, and everything that it has to offer, you can catch him in the latest sneakers, at the most popping club, putting on for the women, making himself look a lot bigger than what he is.

Angela Mays (Black Female 40-45) – Mother of Octavious, Angela is a hard working single mother, who to a fault can be somewhat naïve of the goings on of Andre. Due to her busy schedule as a caregiver, she cannot keep tabs on Andre at all times, she can only trust his word that he is out there making something out of himself instead of following in the footsteps of his incarcerated father Octavious I.

Tiana Smith (Black Female 18-25) – The girlfriend of Octavious, Tiana is very trusting, loyal and responsible, she works, has her own car, and make sure she takes care of her man, although they are very young, in her eyes she sees a future with him. She works, she has her own car, is very responsible, but is blindly in love with Octavious, which at times can work to her detriment.

Auset “Set” Jones (Black Female 18-21 preferably with dreads, or natural afro) – The conscious Afro Centric younger sister of Octavious, Auset is wise beyond her years, a dedicated scholar, Auset is active in school and heavy in to black history, she does her best to enlighten her brother, but it works to no avail.

Will “Brother Will” Ennis (Black Male 30-35) – The charismatic, energetic, upbeat CEO of Blackstone Enterprises, Brother Will believes in Tay and Demarcus and is willing to back them financially to help them display their art to the world. Will is also very big on giving young black men opportunities to better themselves, he is very community oriented, and black unity driven.


Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Lithonia, Georgia
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This casting notice was posted by: Black Dynasty Films International

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