Acting Auditions in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska for Movie “Tunnels Above Ground”

By | February 15, 2016

Video and email auditions for “Tunnels Above Ground” filming in Nebraska

Location: Omaha

Type: Film


The independent movie project will be filming in Omaha/Lincoln, Nebraska in the spring of 2016. Shoot dates are currently scheduled for April 9th through April 15 around the Omaha and Lincoln areas. The indie film is produced by Duke Productions and Tribal Fire Films. “Tunnels Above Ground” is written and directed by Bronwen Carson. This is a non-union production and there will be some compensation for actors. Actors will receeve  Small Stipend, Copy, Credit and Meals. Actors interested must follow the instructions below to send in their video auditions.

About the film:

Derren, Christine, Clarissa, and Ian are inseparable. When Derren dies after a long battle with a mysterious illness, their seemingly unbreakable bond unravels.


H/S & Resume

You will be contacted regarding location / time / date of audition after we receive your email.


  • [DERREN SULLIVAN]- LEAD, Male, approx.20 yrs old, Caucasian,6’-6’4”, Short, brown hair, Broad shoulders/strong upper body/athletic build, wheelchair bound. Traditionally masculine with intelligent eyes. Stubborn and puckish. Has recently had a stroke.
  • [CLARISSA SULLIVAN]- LEAD, Female, late teens. Caucasian, 5’3”-5’5”. Thrill seeker, adventurous, prickly with a soft center, loyal. A Realist. Speaks directly. Uses succinct words. Dry wit. Appreciates clarity, hates flowery Navel gazing. Deeply connected to Derren.
  • [IAN SULLIVAN]- LEAD, Male, 10-12 yrs old, Caucasian, Small for his age. Curious, Tenacious. Often feels lost as the youngest child. Thoughtful but also attention seeking. Loves Derren, wants to be like him and with him all the time.
  • [RAMONA SULLIVAN] – SUPPORTING ROLE Female, Mid to late 40s, Caucasian, 5’5”-5’7” Athletic, simple beauty, minimal make-up. Lives in a middle, “safe zone” of emotions. Warm, maternal, supportive, funny in a practical way. Her world revolves around Derren.
  • [DANIEL SULLIVAN] – SUPPORTING ROLE Male, Late 40s, Caucasian, 5’10”-6’1” Thinning to balding brown hair, strong, weathered look. (ref: JK Simmons). An Idealist. Struggles with melancholy. Hard working, kind-hearted, easily wounded, creative.
  • [DIANA MORGAN]- SUPPORTING ROLE Female, mid 40s, Caucasian, 5’5”-5’7”, Aunt to the Sullivan children. Down to earth, enjoys simple pleasures, hard working, people person, loyal, kind. Large,warm eyes, round face.
  • [SAM BARNES] – Male, Early 40s, Caucasian, 5’9″-6’2″
  • Uncle to the Sullivan children. Grounded, determined, loyal, hard-working, generous, salt of the earth, has a goofy sense of humor, Awkward at times, very kind.
  • [PASTOR JOHN] – Male, Early to Mid 30s, Any Ethnicity. *Especially interested in over 6’2” or under 5’3”. Family Pastor. Kind, well-intended. True believer in God’s will / way. At times, can be platitudinous.

Nebraska movie auditions

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Omaha
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Duke Productions / Tribal Fire Films

2 thoughts on “Acting Auditions in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska for Movie “Tunnels Above Ground”

  1. Ty'aonnia Broadnax

    Hey I’m Tyaonnia Broadnax, I’m 13 years old, people often tell me I look older then my age! I’m 5,6, I have hazel brown eyes, and I wear fake hair but willing to use any color. I have always been told I was a drama queen! I played in many school plays such as Christmas Carol, Peter Pan and Princess and the Pea. I would love to be part of this film. My goal as an actress is to make it real. To make the people who watch it feel where I’m coming from and know the direction I’m going, I want them to be inspired. I would love to audition for the part of CLARISSA SULLIVAN if I could, please and thank you.

  2. Geneveve Robbins

    Hi, my name is Geneveve Robbins, I’m 15 (but have been told multiple times I seem 18 or older), I’m 5’6, and have blonde hair. I have been acting since I was 4, and have starred in plays such as The Wizard Of Oz, Shrek, Blithe Spirit, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan. I would love to be a part of this project and get to work with new people. My goal as an actress is to bring the writer’s and director’s vision to life. I would love to audition for the part of Clarissa and help you make your vision a reality.


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