Omaha, Nebraska Auditions for Movie Project “2084”



Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Type: Film

2084 is the prequel short film to the TV show filming soon.
It follows Ace the handsome, and overconfident space agent of the WhiteClarke Industries. He is the top and favorite agent of Victoria WhiteClarke the CEO. He lives in complete harmony until a gang calling themselves The Imperial Crew, start stealing rocket ships from WhiteClarke Industries. Their mission unbeknownst to Ace is to kidnap a agent with enough knowledge about these machines to use them for unknown reasons, by mistake he gets and their way and now it’s his mission to make sure theirs never happens.

This production is filming in various locations around the Omaha, Nebraska area we ask that actors/actresses interested be located in the Omaha area, or be able to travel and pay their own expenses (hotel)

Production will begin during winter break December 21st- January 4th 2019, please let us know a head time if scheduling conflicts. Due to the film being short it shouldn’t take all 14 days (but it could) all cast will be fed and there will be several breaks during filming. this is a non-union but an extremely professional company. Davi Watson will be the Director and can be reached at the email above as well as 402-453-7770 (office number) for additional comments, questions, concerns.

For those interested in speaking roles please read below:

Ace, main character, male, late teens early 20s (fresh and young look)(attractive) extremely athletic
-very sure of him self -ladies man -right but unpopular -loveable
He is top of his class at the WhiteClarke academy also an a plus agent
after bumping into the gang he firmly believes he can take them down.
we are seeking men of all races for the main character actress

Odette Dillingham, post credit scene character, mother/ boss of female gangster/ ( slender/skinny woman) young and beautiful/ psychotic/ late 20s early/mid 30s
she is very serious -pant suit wearing -funny -matriarchal women
looking for women of all colors

Dargan, male, Irish, early 30s or 40s, average build, red hair ( if not must be willing to get hair dye by hair department) he is the boss of the car company of the future. Also a love interest to Victoria WhiteClarke. has slight accent.

also seeking non speaking but scene present characters
male extras ages 25 and up of all races and slim figures for various roles
female extras ages 25 and up of all races and slim figures for various roles

auditions will be on Saturday October 20th 2018

thank you! we hope to hear from you soon!

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Omaha, Nebraska
Please submit to:
This casting notice was posted by: Davi Watson Watson Family Filming Productions, Director (casting)

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