Actor Auditions in Kansas City and Topeka Kansas for TV Pilot

By | July 16, 2016

Casting some fresh new actors interested in doing a pilot.

Location: Kansas City, KS, KCMO, Topeka KS, St. Joseph MO, Independence MO, Wichita KS

Type: TV Pilots

It’s a new TV show, set in a modern day. It’s about a family living in this small town called Minot, and this kid (Nsabe) who develops supernatural abilities; His cousin, Mason, an awkward kid who is always trying get girls especially in the most unlikeliest places; his other cousin, Susan, a total rebel; and his other new cousin, Justina, a long lost twin of Mason, She was raised by her Hispanic adoptive mom and a military man father; their friend Rose, a girl raised by a Mexican single mom. And then the rest of the family, the father, Mr. Boykin, the mother, Mrs. Boykin; the big brother, Runmore (Runny); the bigger brother, Rumney; and then the big big brother, Elliot. And Rose’s mom, Mrs. Griffin. The Story also goes back and forth between Nsabe’s African grandparents (the witonda family), and their other relatives.

Without giving away the whole plot, I can tell you that this is not even close to all there is to this story line. It’s not a typical story though, that’s for sure.

All Characters:

Name Age-range Race Sex

  • Mrs. Boykin 28/50 White Female,
  • Mr. Boykin 30/60 black Male,
  • Nsabe 15-23 black Male,
  • Mason 15-23 Hispanic/latino Male,
  • Runmore 16-26 Mix/black male,
  • Rumney 16-28 Mix/black Male,
  • Elliot 30 Black Male,
  • Nina Sekou 16-25 Asian Female,
  • Susan 17-27 mix/black Female,
  • Justina 15-23 Hispanic/latino Female,
  • Rose 16-24 Latino/Hispanic Female,
  • Mrs. Griffin 25-40 Latino/Hispanic Female
  • Natalie 15-23 any Race Female,
  • Emilia 15-23 Any Race Female,
  • Chuck 15-23 Any Race Male,
  • Mr. Witonda 35/70 black Male,
  • Mrs. Witonda 30/60 black Female
  • Tamy 8-13 Mix/black Female
  • Eli  8-13  Mix/Black Male

The audition deadline for this Project has been extended beyond August 5th, as there are more characters to be added for this series. So Keep a look out for new ads in the coming days and months.


C: 9132577203

Before coming to Audition, contact us to see if any of the information above has changed.

The monologue for when you come for the audition is down bellow:

Teen is trying to get her parents to let her go out. But her parents won’t let her go.

Mom, can I go to the ballroom dance. Me and my friends, we have a thing sort of like a thing that we have to do. It’s not a bad thing, I promise.

Mom says no

I have to go mom please. Even as we speak, they are probably waiting for me to come out of the house.

mom says No

Please mom, I’ll do the chores all day today and tomorrow, and tomorrow after that, and after that, until I’m 30. I’ll do anything, please mom.

Mom says no

(Teen walks to dad’s)

Dad, I wanna go to the ballroom. I’ll do laundry for everyone in the house. Please dad, please. Please please.

Dad says “what did your mom say”

((Genuinely)Teen looks at him, as if about to cry.)

Dad Says “I’m sorry, you just can’t go.”

(Teen starts crying.)

Dad says “Okay okay, I guess you can go.”

(Teen stops crying. (If with tears, wipe them). Teen looks at dad with so much joy and happiness.)

Thank you, thank you, you won’t regret this dad, I promise. Thank you thank you.

(Teen exists.)

End of Monologue.



Rainmaker entertainment

Dates: July 28, 2016, August 1st  until 5th.

Time: 3pm to 6pm

Address:  7250 State Ave, Kansas City, KS 66112

Payment: Other
Ad our budget is only enough to boost the production process, We will pay our actors from the money we get from the production.

City or Location of call: Kansas City, KS, KCMO, Topeka KS, St. Joseph MO, Independence MO, Wichita KS
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: RainMake Entertainment


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