Actor Auditions in New Haven CT for Paid Video Project

Male and female actors between the ages of  25-38 for a paid video project filming in New Haven, CT

location: New Haven CT

Native English Speakers of all ethnicities with exceptional control of facial muscles to deliver subtle, realistic (not cartoonish), and convincing expressions of emotion.

Together, scientists from the Wharton School of Business and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence are designing a tool to both measure and teach emotional intelligence. Specifically, this open-source assessment will be used to measure people’s ability to recognize emotional expressions in the face and voice. In the future, we may use the footage to design games and other learning tools to help people better understand emotions. Thank you for your consideration. We hope to work with you soon.


Email the following at soon as possible no later than October 10th. Slots are filling quickly.

1. Resume

2. Headshot

3. Four emotion expression videos. Short bursts of realistic (not cartoonish), subtle, and convincing facial/vocal expressions of the following emotions. Feel free to record on your cellphone or laptop.

-Fear: you have just encountered a very dangerous animal and feel afraid

-Awe: for the first time, you have seen the largest waterfall in the world and you are in awe

-Sadness: you have just experienced a traumatic loss and you are very sad

-Sympathy: you see someone who is suffering and you feel deeply sympathetic for them

*Please put in the subject line: Ethnicity.Gender.Age.First Name Last Name (i.e. Asian.Male.28.John Lee)


-In a talking head style shoot, we will ask actors to perform short bursts of 12-15 different emotional expressions.
-Actors will use their face and voice, but will not use any words.
-Actors must have exceptional control of facial muscles to deliver subtle, realistic (not cartoonish), and convincing expressions of emotion
-Each expression we capture will last between 1-10 seconds.
-The emotions we will film may include: Anger, Confusion, Contempt, Embarrassment, Fear, Anxiety, Amusement, Awe, Happiness, Pride, Surprise, Triumph, Elated, Bored, Disgust, Sadness, Shame, Contentment, Relief, Sympathy, Calm
-Date for filming: October 30th, 2016 (Sunday).
-Location: Yale Campus

Compensation is $200 for half day of work

submit by 10/10/2016

Company: Yale Emotion Video Shoot
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