Actors for Student Film in Beaumont Texas


The Inglorious Endeavors of Andie Morris’s Life

Location: Beaumont, Tx / Port Arthur, Tx

Type: Student Films

Seeking actors to fill Main Roles in “The Inglorious Endeavors of Andie Morris’s Life,” a non-union student film that is being produced in the Beaumont, TX area. Please note that these are non-paid roles and actors participating will get credit / copy. Meals, Snacks, and Beverages will be provided as will a DVD copy of the project.

This is a bit of an eccentric film. Looking for actors who are passionate about acting. “The Inglorious Endeavors of Andie Morris’s Life” is a dark comedy about a 13 year old preteen of the name Andie Morris, and throughout the entire film you watch the endeavors of his life. His parents are about to divorce, he has a dimwitted brother, Frick, who has a workout addiction and only dates older women, his best friend, Coyote, is young Brainiac who is always trying to reach for greater things despite being born into a house of hippie parents. And after finding out about his parents’ plan to split, he comes up with a few plans with Coyote, who he is actually secretly in love with, to help keep his parents together. The big question is, do they succeed?

Video submissions: April 13th – 30th, 2016 1:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Call Backs: May 3rd 6:00 – 10:00 PM
Shooting Starts: May 22th,2016
Shooting Ends: June 4th, 2016

Shooting Days: 05/22/2016,
05/28/2016 – 05/29/2016,

If you are interested in submitting for this project please email me at with you’re name, age, and what role you are auditioning for in the subject line. (Ex. Iza Scott/16/Coyote.)

With your submission, please include a resume, headshot. The script is given upon request. If you also have any video reel footage, please send that as well. To self-tape, just have the camera on you as you and another reader preform the sides.

Character BIOS

[ANDIE] [GENDER: MALE] [ AGE: 10-14]
Andie (13)- He loves comic books, superheroes, and will only drink coke out of a glass bottle. All he wants is for his family to stop fighting and for them to be a real family again. He’s a little weird, an eccentric character who will sometimes say stuff that’s very out of context. Andie is trying to get his parent’s to stay together so that he doesn’t lose his family.

Coyote (14)- She is extremely intelligent. She is constantly studying and aiming for bigger and better things. She hates her name and is always trying to change it (Her whole name is “Coyote May Sunflower Meadows Angelique Dawn Gratis”). Her main goal is to be the youngest female senator in American history and hates the fact that her hippie parents look down on politics. Although, despite having no support from her parents, it does not stop her from reaching for the stars.

Frick (22)- He is addicted to working out and is so obsessed that it inspired him to create his own line of men’s workout apparel. He has a very distant relationship with his father, but underneath it all, they love each other. Because Frick is a little insecure he also only dates older women by at least 20 years.

Meredith (52)- She is Frick’s Girlfriend. She is a moody narcissist who is extremely businesslike and very attractive for her age.

Crystal (46)- She is Andie’s mother, and is the typical worn down stay home mom type. She is mellow until someone crosses her. Works very hard and is a good mom.

Pink (38)- She is Coyote’s mom. She is extremely hippie, always involved in yoga and the zen side of life. She hates the political side of life and as well the financial, she is convinced that is corrupt.

Darryl (45)- He is very grouchy, and very blunt. He is a plumber so he works very long hours. Also, Darryl is always scolding his 22 year old son, Frick, for still living at home without a real job.

I wish you all the best of luck! And also just have fun with the characters, they’re supposed to be weird.

Iza Scott
Website: Izascott.Wordpress.Com
IMDB: Iza scott

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Beaumont, Tx/ Port Arthur, Tx
Please submit to: by 2016-04-22

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