Auditions for Kids & Child Actors in Austin on Educational Video Project


Child Actors needed for Educational Videos

Location: Austin, TX

Type: Educational

LUMI Learning is an education startup that makes vocabulary videos. We are moving forward with a run of 1000 five-minute, live action videos and need a diverse cast of child actors to help present and teach our words. We are looking for high-energy child actors (8-11yrs) with positive attitudes and a passion for learning. Enunciating well and being enthusiastic are key to becoming an Actor/Teacher for LUMI Learning.

A link to a previous video is right here:

Send us an audition video following the script below. Remember to enunciate well (speak clearly):

“Hello, my name is (first name) and I am from (home town and state). Today, I will be teaching you the word, drink.’ Drink means to swallow liquid. I like to drink ______ because _______. Drink is spelled d-r-i-n-k. The /ink/ sound is formed by i-n-k.”

*Hint, many kids have trouble saying “is formed by.” Practice this and show us you can say it clearly in your audition video! If you can enunciate well, it’s far more likely you will be invited for an in-person audition.

What is the process to becoming a LUMI Learning actor?
1) Send in your audition video
2) Find out if you are invited to an in-person audition
3) Find out if you are selected to get hired for one hour
4) If hired, show LUMI Learning your Child Actor/Performer Authorization Card from the Texas Workforce Commission (
5) Come in for your first filming session and show LUMI Learning the star that you are
6) Come out in 10 videos, get a sizzle reel, get added to…/, and keep being invited to filming sessions

Lumi-Circle-1 (1)

What do you get?
1) You get to star in vocabulary videos that teach other kids words
2) You get to star in videos that could be seen by people all over the world
3) You get paid $15 per hour
4) You get experience filming in front of a green screen and outdoors
5) You get a sizzle reel after starring in 10 LUMI Learning videos. See sizzle reels on our FaceBook page.
6) After regularly starring in our videos, you get to be added to…/ and maybe onto the homepage of
7) You get to add your experience (and maybe your sizzle reel) to your resume, or just share it with your family and friends

We hope to receive your audition video soon! Together, let’s TEACH WORDS, FRIENDS.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Austin, TX
Please submit to:

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