Auditions for KPop / JPop Girl Singing Group in London, UK

By | November 29, 2016

Kpop/Jpop girl group in London

Location: London, UK

Type: Singers

Hello everyone πŸ˜€
I’m Amu Jane and I would like to form a girl group consisting 9 members.

This group has the inspiration with anime/manga, j-pop and k-pop style, ages is between 18 – 30 who love singing, rapping, dancing, modelling and acting. For the audtion you can use Soundcloud for those who sing and rap could it be in English, Japanese or in Korean; for those who dance you can post it through youtube or any other website where you upload your videos could be a cover dance or a choreographed your own dance :3 good luck and I’m a member in iDG (it stands for interational Dream Girls) since we are dreamers and dream about being the successful performers in making history ;D πŸ˜†
the group will have a lot influence in the movie world when it comes to girl group it will have a bit of mixture of cultures and etc…
Each will be a character reflecting on your personality so in other words it’s okay to be yourself and will give a nickname similar to what the Spice Girls had in their days but it will be different.

like i said before it will be inspired anime/manga for those who are fans of it for audition any song or rap will do could be in english, spanish, korean, mandarin, thai or in japanese whatever language you feel comfortable singing remember to post the song through soundcloud. the dancer you can post it on youtube or on any other site where you can post your video could be a dance cover or your own dance choreography.

iDream Girlz is going the official group name and for the fanclub it will be iDreamerZ :3
I changed the name of the group from iDG to iDream GirlZ to make it more clear to the group.
9 members, similar to many groups & artists around the world, singing in different languages, mixtures of cultures, anime/manga inspired, personalities, ages between 18-30, sing a cover song/rap or composed, dance cover or choreographed, fanclub name is iDreamerZ and based in London, UK.
To join this please drop me a message on my email so we can arrange a meet up.


This is an update πŸ˜€

The Member:
1. The Princess. (Lead Vocals/ Lead Dancer/ Leader) – 1984
2. The Mermaid. (Vocals/Main Dancer/Visual) – 1985
3. The Fighter. (Vocals/Rapper/Dancer) – 1986
4. The Sporty.(Vocals/ Rapper/Dancer) – 1987
5. The Trouble-Maker. (Vocals/ Main Dancer/ Visual) – 1988
6. The Seductor. (Vocals/Rapper/Dancer) – 1989
7. The Maid. (Main Vocals/Dancer) – 1994
8. The Goldigger. (Vocals/Rapper/Dancer) – 1996
9. The Geek. (Vocals/Dancer/Maknae) – 1997
No younger than that… Sorry.

group: iDream GirlZ
fanclub name: iDreamerZ
members: 9 members

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: London, UK
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Amu Jane

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