Auditions in Virginia for Actors Skilled with Teleprompter Reading


Actors for Python Training video

Location: Charlottesville, Virginia

Type: Educational

Auditions now being accepted for actors to host technical training videos.


FEMALE—27-35 years old

MALE—27-35 years old

Compensation: $650/shoot day plus lodging (+10% Agency Fee)

Auditions Accepted July 18-25, 2016 via email only
Call Backs: July 26-28 TBD
Shoot Dates: Aug 22-24, 2016
Hold Date: Aug 25, 2016

Teleprompter reading ability a must.
Python knowledge or experience beneficial but not required.
Ad-lib skills a plus.

Python is an interpreted programming language. That means that when you write instructions for the computer in Python, you must run it through the Python interpreter. This interpreter is itself a program that runs on your computer. When it processes your instructions it executes each line one after the other. Instructions written in a programming language are generally called programs, but for interpreted languages they may also be called scripts because they are processed line by line. Let’s go ahead and install Python 2.7. The first thing you’ll need to do is go to the Continuum dot io Website, find the free download, choose your operating system, select Python 2.7 and download it to your machine.

Python Training is a series of short videos designed to help the viewer better understand the fundamentals of coding in the Python language. The show will be shot in-studio over a period of three days in late August and will feature male and female co-hosts that walk the viewer through the necessary material. The material is filled with programming language, but a content expert will be on-hand to clarify pronunciation and details. Co-hosts will speak to camera with a teleprompter so script memorization is not necessary. We are looking to cast a great male/female combo, and are happy to receive auditions as singles or as pairs. The male host will be the computer programmer and the female host will engage a bit more with the audience.

Paladin Media Group

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Charlottesville, Virginia
Please submit to: by 2016-07-25

This casting notice was posted by: Paladin Media Group

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