“Bar Rescue” New Season 2016 Now Casting

The New Season of Bar Rescue is now casting for bars and their owners! Get your bar on the show.

Do you need the help of Jon Taffer? Here is your chance to apply for the show and maybe get a face to face with John, his crew and your bar. For the last 4 years Jon Taffer has been traveling coast to coast, bar to bar, in hopes of giving struggling bar owners the help they need to get their businesses back on track. Jon is at it again for  a new season and his show Bar Rescue is now casting. The Spike series will be coming back with new episodes for the 2016 season and struggling bar owners have a chance to be cast on new episodes of the show.


GOOD NEWS! We’re currently casting struggling bars in selected areas across the country for Spike Tv’s show ? BAR RESCUE?, hosted my nightclub expert and entrepreneur Jon Taffer.


  • Indianapolis
  • Atlanta
  • South Florida

You can submit an application on our website or email us at casting@metalflowersmedia.com
Suggestions/Recommendations are always welcomed.

The Spike reality series is hosted by renowned bar expert, Jon Taffer.  Taffer is an expert in the nightclub industry and owner of Taffer Dynamics, Inc. Taffer who started as a bar owner has flipped, or owned over 800 establishments in a career that spans over three decades.

Is business going downhill? Plagued by a staff whose attitude sucks? Bad menu? Does your place need a facelift or maybe a complete overhaul… You can apply now for a chance to get some expert help,  Jon Taffer and Bar Rescue can help you get it back in gear. When your bar’s in trouble,  Jon Taffer may know how to get it back on track.

Now casting for bars who need renovation on Bar Rescue

Metal Flowers Media is now casting struggling bars in Indianapolis, Atlanta and South Florida!
You can submit an application on our website or email us at casting@metalflowersmedia.com
Suggestions/Recommendations are always welcomed.

Check out the flyer below for information on how to apply for the show.

Bar Rescue season 5 is casting bar owners

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  1. Robert Ver Velde

    I have been going to this bar that is located inside of a bowling ally which I guess has been doing ok since they have been around since 1970s? But it is the same old thing and the bar area hasn’t changed since they opened. They do have 1 indoor golf station. During the days I see it doesn’t do much business and they are open for lunch. I would like to see some improvements, I don’t want to see it go under. I know there will be a new owner/manager taking over next month. Any ideas what can be done with Maple Lanes in Sheboygan Wisconsin ?

  2. Sarah

    If you ever do an episode in New Hampshire, the Coyote Grill in Waterville Valley would be well worth your while. They have good food but the way the place is run and “managed” is a complete joke and nightmare. Poor treatment of staff, serving alcohol to underage people, favoritism is just the tip of the iceburg.

  3. Debbie Swain

    Own a small bar in NC please come help me,,

  4. Frances Martinez

    The plank is located in Safford AZ. The plank is a new bar in the historic Elks Lodge building. Safford is in the heart of the largest open copper pit mining industry in the United States. We would love to have you consider us for not necessarily a bar rescue but “Kick start my bar”. Help us get on the right track so we don’t fail.
    I would love to share additional information and details with your staff.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  5. Diana Tyler

    Will you ever be in MD?

  6. Oscar Serrato

    This bar where I live needs massive help with everything from nasty couches that they have to the gross tables and chairs the in the male’s restroom the only stall door is broken and there I’m not sure if they have security my bf is a male dancer and someone called him over and he was getting scared cause some drunk guy showed up and tried undressing him and the cleanliness pretty sure needs to be kept up with. I love the bar a lot but I had to leave cause my bf couldn’t work in a place where he could only get paid once a week and maybe get paid. I’ve also tried working there but the person who does the scheduling kept telling me that he was “full” when he keeps using the same people constantly. I just wish y’all can help with this dirty and run down club would hate to see my first club die away.

  7. Loyd

    I am sitting in a bar in Wichita Falls Texas that is owned by a sweet lady who is raising her grandson. This bar is weeks from closing the doors and no matter the specials it can not survive it’s past. Years back the bar got ample negative talk when a homicide took place and it can’t live down its past. This bar is right down the street from the Sheppard Air Force Base and surrounded by a few other bars.
    I have been going to this bar for the past year and I have noticed it’s possibilities with such a nice crew that works here.
    I watch bar rescue religiously with my wife and feel this bar would be well deserving of your assistance Mr. Taffer. The word is that this bar is due to close within weeks.
    I would love to discuss this further with ya’ll to see if we might get sweet Barbara the help she needs.

  8. Dianne Sessions

    Have a friend who owns a bar in Augusta, Ga called Surrey Tavern. It is located in Surrey Center. He was going ‘great guns” until he started getting competition from other folks opening up their own establishments. Great location. Makes tons of money during the Augusta Golf Tournament The Masters. It is basically just down the street from this yearly event. Given the right tools and a fresh outlook, it could be grand again. He, Mattie Widener, has taken on a new business (grooming dogs with a mobile truck) just to keep himself afloat. His bartender is running the bar for him at the moment. Mattie just put $60K in renovation, but, this does not seem to be helping. Be a great bar, in a growing city, to have on the show. Hopefully Bar Rescue will consider coming down South.

  9. Kaitlind Pineau

    The mitten state needs your help, a tiny town called Bad Axe near the tip of the thumb could use Bar Rescue!

  10. Jeni

    Hoping you consider coming to Michigan, we have a little local bar that would greatly benefit from your help. This bar has been in our little town for like 70 years and is hurting. We would love to see it stay but it’s going down the hill fast. Would love for you to come in so it can be passed down to another generation. Come visit snoopys in Algonac MI.

  11. Jeni

    Hoping you consider coming to Michigan, we have a little local bar that would greatly benefit from your help. This bar has been in our little town for like 70 years and is hurting. We would love to see it stay but it’s going down the hill fast. Would love for you to come in so it can be passed down to another generation.

  12. gus ramirez

    They have a lounge in this bowling center that is actually a great place. They have pool, a back patio, darts, and show all the NBA. NFL, Baseball, Soccer…..any sports events that are on t.v….. along with bar food (burgers, pizza, fries, the usual fare) problem is that we’re they’re located they should be doing a great business. They are in a more high end section of Pensacola, Fl, with a college near by and a hospital almost right across the street, not to mention a shopping mall in their shadows, they offer a comedy night (on Thursdays), have a pool league every other week, bowling leagues every night, and karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights. I know that their sales could be bolstered by at least 10-15%. I would love to see them do better… it is a great place & they are also family oriented so it’s someplace that offers something for everyone.

  13. Roxanne Fiehler

    “THE OAKS GRILLE” located at 24157 San Vicente Rd. Ramona, (San Diego) CA. 92065-4166. It is a beautiful golf resort, BUT WE NEED HELP! I will not trash anyone for they are all trying their best. I think the problems lie EVERYWHERE!
    No one ever seems to be on the same page. Nothing is consistent, organized. Our bar was just redone but the restaurant is terrible. Our food is good but nothing healthy to choose from, the guest continually complain that everything seems fried or very greasy. We have a wonderful Chef, but I can’t speak for him. But I’m sure he would like to see some changes as well. But he has only one voice. I know you have turned over at least 800 bars. Please help us! I know we have the opportunity to make this a 5 star resort, but not like it is. Even though the bar looks nice now, it’s like a diamond in a goats ars! You always say we need to work together. We seem to have meetings, get excited but simply forgotten in days. Please could you answer my prayer, I want nothing but the best for our country club. There are just too many bosses, my bar manager gets things thrown at her by our guests! It’s terrible my heart breaks for her. I’ve never seen anything like it!

  14. Amanda V

    Bar rescue needs to come to Pennsylvania… My parents have been running a bar in Erie for over 30 years.. It was a hot spot until there was a huge fire and business has just gone down every year. Please consider coming out this way!

  15. sarah roush

    We need bar rescue in Columbus Ohio!! We have a new casino and a new race track coming to our neck of the woods! the bar I always go to is quite the dive… though we do like our dive bars here on the Westside.. we are not fancy folks. We are blue collar workers. they also serve bar food. the owner also has another bar on the same street. It has a little more business. The bar I am speaking of is called Bills other place.. If you’re ever in Ohio come check us out!! have a great day!
    Thank You Sarah Roush

  16. Brigett

    okay, so the show is not casting in the Los Angeles area for season 5. Maybe this can be a future rescue. My name is Brigett and I’ve been a customer to The Canby in Reseda, CA for quite a few years and have spent a lot of money there. Prior to being The Canby it had been a different bar that had a great following that eventually overflowed into The Canby. Now The Canby has moved across the street from its previous location and it and the owner\bartender need help. I know her because I used to be a regular there. She now has a much larger establishment and serves food. Crappy food. Shes been shut down I believe at lest 3 times for health code violations and because of that, has lost a lot of money and this is and has been her livelihood for several years. Although, Maria, and I haven’t been on the “same page” for the past couple of years, She is the hardest working woman: well, person I know. Maria’s Bar and her life is definitely being affected by the loss of business. She makes the best blended mudslide I’ve ever tasted but only makes it on the rocks now and much smaller because she cant afford to make them larger and she’s lost her “oomf” to make the best. This is my neighborhood watering hole. I miss the camaraderie and The Canby. Maria took a huge gamble and I think a mistake in buying such a huge bar that used to be a great and hisorical bar and grill called Weber’s. People coming by hope to get the same fun experience as they had when it was Weber’s. The food sucks,all fried /frozen food and it’s dirty and empty.
    Marias a good person but the shittiest bartender ever. She takes forever to mix a drink and leaves to smoke and shes the only person there. Help!!! I want to go to my neighborhood bar again and see my friends again!!!

    1. erica

      I think Bar Rescue already did Webers a few years back.

  17. Lisa Wickland

    Bar Rescue is what I need for our bar, but, it is in Arizona.

    1. tamara morrison

      My brother needs help in redesigning his bar. It is a large bar on a block of its own. He has a gold mine if we can just get it started right. Right now he only has the package good section open, our location is in Maryland in the city please help Rescue Bar.

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