On-Camera Narrator for Instructional Video Filming in Durhan, NC



Location: Durham, NC

Type: Educational

Casting for on camera/ narrator for instructional program for parents of youth on the Autism spectrum.
Age range: 35-45

All ethnicities but looking for neutral or no strong geographical accents
Length of project: 7-8 months

Requires 4-6 hours of filming and voice recordings once a month Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm
Payment: 200-300 depending on talents experience and performance (per Performance) possible 8 total.

Casting Calls to be held March 8th- March 16th

Send us a headshot and resume by email and a time and date your available for a in person audition. This will be recorded both on camera and in a sound booth. See the script below from directions.

(The last paragraph will be delivered on camera and the first two sections will be recorded in a sound booth.)

Make coffee, brush your teeth, get the kids to school, shop for groceries, finish a project at work–what did you do today?

Most of us set and complete lots of goals each day without even realizing that’s what we’re doing. Routine tasks such as brushing our teeth or picking up carpool might take little or no thought, while larger tasks, such as a work project, might require us to make and complete a plan.

To do all those things, we use the part of our brain that controls executive function. Our executive function skills help us process new information, make plans, manage our time and emotions, and stay on task. They are essential for us to do almost anything. Consider the following tasks and decide how challenging they are to your executive function system.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Durham, NC
Please submit to: by 2016-03-16

This casting notice was posted by: 3C Institute

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  1. Rachel

    Where do we submit our info for this? I’d really like to do this one.

  2. zari rice

    what is the email address for this posting?


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