Casting Actor in Boston for Educational Video Series


Casting Actor for Online Video Tutorial

Location: Boston, MA

Type: Educational

We are a publishing company specializing in language learning programs for universities. We are casting 1 actor for a short (3 min) German grammar tutorial for college students. The format will be very much like PBS Crash Course or MTV Decoded on Youtube (single shot, stationary, speaking straight to camera).

examples: — and —

The role is a presenter who will explain the grammar topic to the audience, in English. We are looking for someone with a lot of energy and enthusiasm who can bring excitement to the grammar explanation. Some type of comedic experience would be ideal.

– Male or Female
– Age 25-35
– Young professional look
– Comedic experience preferred
– Script is English with occasional German words (we will help with pronunciation)

Note: in addition to headshots and resumes, we require a video audition. See below for details.

A soundstage in Greater Boston (T accessible)

TBD, Mid-September/October. 1 day. 4-5 hours on set.

$300 for 4-5 hours




SHOT: Medium shot, speaking to camera. Phone recording is fine. Please be sure lighting is not too dark.
OVERALL TONE: Energetic and enthused. Appropriate hand gestures encouraged.


“Today, we are going to talk about regular verbs.

Regular verbs are my favorite kind of verb.


Because they follow predictable conjugation patterns.

[deliver above line using a spooky voice as if you are looking into a crystal ball]

To conjugate a regular verb: just take the verb stem and add the ending that matches the subject. That’s it!

Here, I’ll show you what I mean.

Let’s conjugate the present tense of a couple regular verbs.

First, we need to identify the verb stem. It’s easy!”

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Boston, MA
Please submit by 2016-08-12

This casting notice was posted by: Vista Higher Learning, Inc.

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