Casting Call for “Game of Thrones” Season 7 in Cáceres


Looking to get cast in a small role on “Game of Thrones?”

Production of “Game of Thrones” has moved to Cáceres where it will be filming through December of this year.

Game of Thrones” is looking to cast men in the area who are available to work as background extras on the show’s Cáceres shoots. The requirements are really strict. Folks interested in being cast for “Game of Thrones must live in cáceres or surrounding areas and the casting notices specifies that anyone out of that area should not submit as they will not be considered.

The show is now filming season 7 and a few months back they held open casting calls in Spain. Seems they still need many more people and especially men and just released the following casting information… Looking for athletic men from 18 to 40 years in Cáceres or surrounding areas that are available to work every morning from 31 October to 12 December (all days).
There is also a height requirement which is 175 to 190 CM. This is a rush call and talent in the area should apply now as they are booking for scenes beginning production this coming Monday. The casting notices released also specifically requested that talent should only apply if they completely fit the requirements, most importantly the location requirement.

cast call for Game of Thrones season 7

Cáceres is a city in western Spain’s Extremadura region. It is about 4 hours west of Madrid and was founded by the ancient Romans. According to Google map information, the city boasts Gothic and Renaissance architecture with cobbled medieval streets and some very old palaces. The city is encircled by 12th-century Moorish walls and also has around 30 towers… and we know how much “Game of Thrones” loves towers.

Game of Thrones” is set in a medieval fantasy world which includes huge dragons, huge castles, huge costumes and huge battles. The sets are stunning, the locations lush, the battles epic and the costumes will give any fairy-tale a run for the money.  The series is based on George R.R. Martin’s best selling book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” where 7 families fight for control of the entire kingdom.  HBO’s “Game of Thrones” has now become the most award winning show of all time, raking in more Emmy’s than any other TV production in history.  GOT airs on HBO and season 7 of the show will premiere in early 2017.

Seems the “Game of Thrones” season 7 extras casting directors have been getting numerous submissions from people all over who would love to be cast in a small role in “Game of Thrones,” however, they simply cannot use them. These are extras roles which mean that it is a local call and that travel is not being covered. Due to the fact that this is a daily gig that begins on the 31st and runs through the 12th of December, they will not not consider anyone who lives outside of the immediate area or other parts of Spain. Of course, anyone applying must also be legally able to work in Spain as well.


Live in Cáceres? If you do see the info below to find out how to get cast on “Game of Thrones.”

Urgent – New faces in cáceres who have not yet worked on Game of Thrones.
Looking for athletic men from 18 to 40 years in cáceres or surrounding areas.
Available to work every morning from 31 October to 12 December (all the days available).
Height: 175 to 190
Send contact info AND 2 current photos to:

They also posted the following casting notice in Spanish:


Agradecemos vuestro gran interés en participar en la serie Juego de Tronos.
Pero queremos insistir en:
DE 18 A 40 AÑOS.
Sentimos decir que haremos caso omiso a todo aquel que envíe sus datos y no encaje con los requisitos solicitados.
Enviar dos fotos, un primer plano y uno de cuerpo entero con buena iluminación. Datos de tlf, mail, altura, busto, cintura, cadera, talla de zapatos, DNI.
Muchas gracias.

We thank you for your great interest in participating in the series game of Thrones.

But we want to insist on:

Men of cáceres or surrounding areas. (people) no other cities
From 18 to 40 years.
From 175 to 190 meters in height.
Available from 31 October to 12 December, they must be available every day.

Sorry to say that we will do a blind eye to everyone who send their details and don’t belong with the requirements requested.

Mail: Anita@Modexpor.Com

Post two photos, a close-up and one of whole body with good lighting. Data from the tlf, mail, height, bust, waist, hips, shoe size, ID.

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