Casting People Nationwide to go on The Adventure of Their Lives, With Their Folks on “The Parent Trip”

Get cast on “Parent Trip”

A new TV show is casting families to go on a completely different family vacation.

Doron Ofir is seeking some wild, adult kids (ages 18 to 24) who are ready to take their parents on a vacation of a lifetime… their way. Tired of the same old, family vacations?  Wish you could get your parents to try some new things and get them to do things they never dreamed of doing? This may be your chance.

While the actual trip details are being kept under wraps the examples given include swimming with sharks, hitting the music festivals and riding a float in the Mardi Gras.

If you believe your parents just don’t understand you and would never want to do anything you would love to do, here is a chance to show them just how fun some of those things can be. The show is casting US residents nationwide and now accepting online auditions / submissions.

Parent Trap

A Major Cable Network is casting for wild and fun personalities to take the BEST TRIP OF YOUR LIFE, the only catch is that you have to bring YOUR PARENTS!

But don’t worry – these are not your average places for a family vacation…They aren’t even family vacations that parents want to go on! These are trips where you rip your parents from the routine of their daily lives and throw them into AN ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME!

Are you someone who appears to be between the ages of 18-24 who is an adventurous explorer – not afraid of anything? Do you love music, festivals, and having fun? Do you go ALL OUT at EDC and other music festivals? Would you get in a cage and SWIM WITH SHARKS? Or how about RIDING A FLOAT AT MARDI GRAS? Does this sound like fun to you?

Do you love your parents but get frustrated or laugh when THEY JUST DON’T GET IT? Your parents are TOTALLY DIFFERENT than you and would never want to do the things you love. The truth is you don’t really know your parents and they don’t really know you.

Now, you have a chance to take them with you and show them what you love IN PERSON so they will finally understand what you’re all about! If this sounds like you and your family, we want to hear from you!


The show’s casting directors have created a site where interested talent can send in their submissions / auditions online. See for further details on how to apply for the show.

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  1. Victoria Page Miller

    If this show is running in 6 years when my daughter turns 18, we are totally going for it! Sounds terrific!

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