Casting Speaking Roles in Student Film Project Shooting in Wilmington

By | April 19, 2016


Location: Wilmington, North Carolina

Type: Student Films

I am helping a friend cast for his short film for his final for school. There is no pay, but food and IMDB credit will be provided. We are looking to shoot on the weekend of April 30-May 1st. If you are interested in any role below, please send us your resume/headshot along with a video reel if applicable. Thank you and we look forward to your submission!

The Devil and Death Cast Breakdown

LITE: Supporting. 25-30. Female. Keegan’s wife. Typical loving and caring wife to Keegan. Only two lines in opening scene of film. Needs to be able to portray nervousness very well over the phone through her voice. All lines are voice-over.

SAM: Supporting. 7-10. Keegan’s son. Needs to be able to portray excitement over the phone and has no clue that his father is about to get murdered. Needs to have that connection with father over the phone that every father wants with his son. Only three lines in film. All lines are voice-over.

DALTON: Lead. Caucasian. 50-60. Executive business owner that is a slight sociopath. Tends to always have a glass of whiskey in his hand. Somewhat intimidating and sarcastic. Attitude of an asshole. Thinks because of him, Jessica owes him something because he gave her “life” so to speak.

JESSICA: Lead. Caucasian. 19-24. Jessica is the one in charge of the entire operation. Very fit muscular type but not bodybuilder. Has a lot of pride because she knows what she is doing is wrong and is regretful of it to a certain degree but will not say anything because she is the one in charge and has to be this bad ass. Needs to be able to portray a lot of emotion. Think Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games.

GUARD 1: Supporting. Caucasian/African American. 28-35. Muscular/Military type. One of Dalton’s security guys. Listens to whatever Dalton says. Very stern in his decisions that are made for him by Dalton, even if it means his life comes to an end. Only has two lines.

GUARD 2: Featured Extra. Caucasian/African American. 28-35. Muscular/Military type. Dalton’s other guard. Stands ground with Guard 1 as Jessica and her group storm inside of the office.

MARISSA: Featured Extra. Any ethnicity. 24-30. While pointing gun at the door, gestures to Keegan that the door is about to be ripped down and Jessica and her group are about to come in.

JESSICA’S GROUP: Featured Extras. Caucasian. 3 men. 1 female (Caucasian/Phillipino). 18-30. Military types. Looks for Jessica for direction as well as Jessica looking to them for approval because she is somewhat regretful of her actions.

8 EXTRAS: Male and Female. Any age. Any ethnicity. Business type people that own their own business casual clothes. No White clothing. Think tan/black/navy blue colors

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Wilmington, North Carolina
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