Casting Teens Nationwide for New Survival Show

By | May 9, 2016

A new show is now casting teens who think they can survive off the grid.

In a time when it seems that many teens can’t go without their cell phones, lap tops and social networks for more that a few hours, an upcoming show is looking to cast the ones that can. A major network has a nationwide casting call out for teens who know they can survive with all those modern conveniences.

The new docu-series would love to hear from teens who think they can survive by living off the land.

Interested? Here you go:

Now Casting Nationwide Teens that are survivalists/Live off the grid/Live off the land for a brand new documentary style show.

This is for a major cable network. Email

teen survival show

7 thoughts on “Casting Teens Nationwide for New Survival Show

  1. Steven ramos

    Names Steven love metal and would definitely wanna be in this show. I’ve been to a couple ranches in my life, doing some hunting and stuff. I WANT A BIGGER CHALLENGE, I seek the thrill of Fighting to survive, Plus I’m Like Really good at Talking. Would be kinda nice to for me to take a my hands off my phone for a while, anyways hit me up If you are looking for a teen who wants to be challenged.

  2. Ben Flory

    I’m an eagle scout that loves a tough challenge and the great outdoors. I am a 17 your old from Arizona and feel like i would do great on this show

  3. Aaron Vandenabeele

    My name is Aaron, I live in Michigan with my family and live day by day paycheck to paycheck just like everybody else. I’m almost 20 now, I’ve always thought that I had an inner Bear Grylls. But I just cant walk off into the forest with nothing but my bare hands and expect to come back, not without other people at least to help. This is an opportunity to see what my generation and I can do.

  4. Haniel Laigo

    Growing up in the Philippines before moving here to San Diego made me face hardships before actually being privileged. This would be the perfect show!

  5. Karen Ellison

    If you are in need of a studio teacher for the minors, please consider me. I live in Hawaii but work anywhere. Thank you!

  6. Schaeffer Reea

    I’ve lived in Maine basically my whole life. Growing up I was always in the woods, always building, always learning. I’m a 4 time state champion in the 4×800 meter run. I’m also a part time blacksmith and a bushcraft enthusiast.


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