Christian Stage Play Auditions for “Definition of Love” in Calera Alabama

By | April 8, 2016

Stage Play entitled “Definition Of Love”

Location: Calera, Al

Type: Theater

This is a rush call for some characters I need to be filled.

Definition of Love is a Christian musical stage play written by B.Marei. It’s based on the lives of five young ladies that has had  unresolved and unforgiving issues to be ongoing in their lives. The issues may have started when they were only babies, teens or adolescents but the fact that they have not been resolved or forgiven means its left them with untreated wounds. These memories and voids are so painful that it causes the young women to get distracted from the Lord. While the devil has them on his playground and playing with his sinful ploys, God is trying to get them on the winning team. The question is whose going to listen to God and who is not?

B.Ambitious is a organization started by B.Marei and has very high expectations for itself. B.Marei idea was to start in a small city because not many opportunities come to small cities. While it’s just getting off the ground, B.Marei feels that God is going to shower success, business and money over BA to make the business successful. We are currently in the stages of recruiting so if you are loyal, honest, trustworthy, ambitious, have a passion for acting and is willing to build and bond and also would like to be a part of a growing business, send in your information.
*If you would like to be an understudy, send in your information.**

Please Note
There will be many other productions that are up and coming and if you feel as if you would like to be considered for some of the other projects, send in your information.

Email with:

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Your email
  • Your cell #
  • Your interests

Characters I need:

Fayth : Young lady in her early 20s. She is the all time friend and she loves to counsel her friends. She looks for people to be as much of a great friend as she but she never finds it because people don’t care as much as she do or they just have better things going on. Fayth is very dependable and encouraging and she is always by her friends and family side when needed. She is engaged to Kordyn and she is trying to tell her friends that but they’re so caught up in their own lives they don’t listen.

Kordyn: Kordyn is Fayth’s fiancé’ but nobody knows it yet. He is sweet, affectionate and very loving. He has eyes for only one person- Fayth. He is in his mid 20s. Handsome and suave, he has no problem with getting attention but he has found his queen already.

Isaac: He is the husband to June (Pastor) and he is also very affectionate. Supportive in all June does and he is always there for her comfort. he knows how to treat a woman. He’s and older age man but If you can play the role I’ll accept, just don’t look to young.

Loralei: She is Fayth’s god-mom and August’s adoptive mother. She is the straight forward mom who barges in your house when you take to long answering the door. Oh, and she demands respect and don’t tolerate back talk. She is understanding and a great listener as well. She’s in her early to mid 40s.

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Please email with your name, age, phone number, character and a picture. The picture doesn’t have to be professional.

Look forward to seeing or hearing from you,

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Calera, Al
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