Forming Band Seeks Guitar Player and Pianist in MA


Looking for a guitarist and piano player

Location: Central mass area

Type: Musicians

Okay, here’s the deal. I am trying to start a band, I thought about this for some time because I like being solo, but most of the songs I like have a band in mind because they are light rock or pop rock. My name is Charlie McAfee by the way.

I am 21 years old and would love people 21 or older to form a band with. I write, sing and create all of my own melodies.

Today people are about image….duhh lol

I am too…BUT in an invisible way. My vision is to prove that you do not have to be a certain color or race to sing or create music in certain genres. It should be about personality and talent, the essence of us.

Need an example? Sure

Take a korean.

Because they are korean, does that mean they are supposed to be doing K-pop? No…

But this planet would believe so. Not in my world.

Take a puerto rican.

Because they are puerto rican, do they have to sing ONLY and rap ONLY in reggaeton? No…

You understand now? Our world places you in a genre the moment you come out with your race category as an artist.

I see no color. I consider myself of an invisible race. With being invisible instead of a color, I am able to make any type of music without people placing me as country, dance, RnB, adult alternative, or blues, get me?

I can sing in all genres thrown at me, nothing is hard if you love it and try. I am versatile and open minded. Hope you are too…or this will not be a good turn out…

But then again God made us all unique, so I’ll leave you alone.

My stage name is Charlie Xdrive.

Mainly because I love bmw’s and also because of what Xdrive means. I love to help people stay on track in life…


The BMW all-wheel drive system, xDrive, ensures your BMW has the best possible traction at all times, enhancing agility and keeping you safely on track, even on fast bends.

Same as me with helping my friends in their situations through out life. I love helping a person do right in life and stay on track. And love getting people to the next level in life

Now that we have established that piece …hmmm

What’s next? Oh yeh!

I need a guitar player and piano player…already have the drummer.

Where will we practice? Why do you have soo many questions? Haha …you’re not laughing…ok awkward…anyways!

Can we pay attention to making the crew? Thanks!

music cartoon


1. If you want people to know what you look like.

This is about our personalities, attributes and gifts. God sees our hearts only, not us and our appearance. Let’s show that same love to our fans. Eh?

As you can see I am a cartoon above why? Because this is going to be a story brought to real life.

Charlie Xdrive lives in a world of sketched people similar to herself, she loves being an inspiration to people, and deals with the people others wouldn’t dare to deal with on a regular day basis. But she has an enemy..well.. I don’t have one, but I placed one in the story to make it juicier. What is the goal here? To bring back personality to this world.

Now, listen..if you are not serious DO NOT email me.

I love music, and I truly am tired of falling back to level 1 because I am always working alone, it’a better with others. I do not care who or what race you are, where you are from (please be in wootown lol) OR if you’re ugly, fat, ect. WE won’t even be showing ourselves often on stage, we’ll have costumes hopefully because it’s our essence we want to show not US. But be honest every chance you get with me, from your age to your broken toe nail.

I live in main south, I take the bus a lot, so I know the city well and I’m close.

I work MON, THUR, FRI, and SAT.

So I have sunday afternoon to myself (I go to church in the morning lol)

Tuesday, and wednesday off of work.

Please be serious, I believe whoever I end up having as a band will enjoy the journey, if you don’t, I give you permission to yell at me…if your breath smells good…o__O

Remember that I only need a GUITARIST, PIANO-IST

Will you enter my world??

Follow me, and hear what I have to say.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Central mass area
Please submit to: [email protected] by 2016-03-12

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