L.A. Area Actors for “The Travele Show”


The Travele Show

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Type: TV Pilots

Travele is a fresh but popular stand up comedian and family man living the perfect life with his family in Chicago. With his career becoming more serious and his family constantly wanting his attention, can Travele maintain the demands of his career and his family?

Please send in your submissions AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. As the director would like to see photos starting on Friday, May 13th!

If you live in/around the Los Angeles, CA area, please submit and email to the following Casting@TheTraveleShow.com with the corresponding submission title in the Subject Line.
(example: “African-American woman (28-32)” and/or “Caucasian Woman (28-32)” – if submitting for more than one role, please only submit 1 email with all desired roles in subject line), etc.:

ATTACH MULTIPLE RECENT PHOTOS of yourself (or child)
VISIBLE TATTOOS: *Please attach a photo of the tattoo(s)?MINOR WORK PERMIT (If Ages: 15-younger): *Please attach a digital copy of permit in email?AVAILABILITY?: *Will be notified with further detail information if selected.

More info available online at www.TheTraveleShow.com

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, CA
Please submit to: casting@thetraveleshow.com by 2016-06-03

This casting notice was posted by: LWL Production


The Travele Show
African-American woman (28-32)
Wife to Travele, she is the COMPLETE soccer mom juggling her schedule, traveles schedule, and her two loving children schedule. Always knows what to say when Travele is off his square. This is the real super mom.

African-American male 1 (28-32)
African-American male 1 (28-32) – Long time best friend and neighbor of Travele. He has always been the competitive type growing up and his ways definitely carried over to adult hood. Also juggling a beautiful wife and daughter this dad never disappoints to meet his family needs.

Caucasian Woman (28-32)
Caucasian Woman (28-32) – The beautiful wife of male 1 ! She’s always on the move and enjoys the finer things in life but never fails to make sure her house and family is taken care of first. You will never catch her without her nails done or hair done. A really great deal of fashion runs in her family as you can see by her unique style.

African-American girl (6-9)
African-American girl (6-9) – The daughter of the Travele family with big dreams of becoming a singer! A bit of a diva but she is highly inspired by trendy clothes and social media celebrities. For being so young she actually has a high following of her own. She loves her cute little dresses and hanging out with her best friend; mom! This kid has a bright future.

African-American boy (11-13)
African-American boy (11-13) – The son of the Travele family. He has always been a different kind of kid. He’s into tumbling, yoga, and ballet. This kid is really into fitness at such a young age and is very wise about situations in his life. A straight A “nerd” some will say. He does not have many friends but that’s because not many people understand him. He is the total mamas boy.

Interracial girl (11-13)
Interracial girl (11-13) – Daughter of male 1 . Cute yet very shy! She very into her “girly” ways and she gets it all from her mother. When she is not quiet she can be a bit sassy.

Caucasian Woman (25-30)
Caucasian Woman (25-30) Ballet teacher, high energy and really wants the best for her class.


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