Makeover Series “Reinvented” Now Casting Teens(16+) and Adults Wanting a Major Transformation


 A new makeover show is now casting.

Do you need to be “Reinvented?” 

Do you want to transform your body and your life but find there are just too many obstacles in the way? The show is looking for people who will be experiencing a life change such as graduation, new job, moving, becoming a parent, getting divorced, etc. and want to undergo a major transformation.

Do you have to escape your past and start over with a new mind, body and soul makeover? “Reinvented” is offering just that with a complete makeover that may include plastic surgery, complete makeover, a personal trainer and a stylist.

Reinvented” is now casting teens and adults nationwide who are looking to undergo a major makeover. Are you looking for a change and coming to a milestone in your life that your would love to be transformed for?


Do you want to REINVENT yourself physically, emotionally or mentally? Did you love the MTV shows “Made” and “True Life” and want to be apart of something similar?

Do you want the help of a Life Coach, Cosmetic Surgeon, Makeup Artist, Personal Trainer and/or Stylist?

APPLY NOW & EMAIL – [email protected]

Please email us your name, contact information, a few recent photos of yourself and WHY & HOW you want to be Reinvented!
You MUST be 16-28 yrs of age and a US citizen.

Now casting Reinvented

4 thoughts on “Makeover Series “Reinvented” Now Casting Teens(16+) and Adults Wanting a Major Transformation

  1. Sara H

    I just really need a makeover. I have been going through anxiety issues and I just really need something amazing to happen for me right now.

  2. Kirk Gruenewald

    I am 56 years old and have never lived. I am in desperate need of a makeover including getting a leg transplant since that can be done now. I need a new life and a new beginning. I dare any show to take me on. You would help your show and I can get a new life.

  3. Hayley Jackson

    I’m 23 years old and I have twins, a girl and boy that I been raising by my self and I just want a make over.

  4. Kelly a Cosgrove

    I am a 58 year young woman, single mother of two. Son 40 who is a well known drummer in a famous band, & daughter who is 27 forever. I lost her 2 years ago. I have been married 2 x once drunk didn’t think it was legal & the other lasting only 7 years.
    I have been in a rut & need something different. My life experiences, would definitely qualify me for the “Jerry Springer Show”
    Not that I wear it as a badge of honor, just amazed on how I have made it through & still trying, this long.


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