Musical “Blood Sisters” Auditions for Singers in Virginia Beach


Blood Sisters the Musical Casting Call

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Type: Singers


BLOOD SISTERS The Musical in Concert

This musical is about a typical American single parent family.  Joanna Karen Smith “Momma” has always been a woman of faith and has  relied on that faith to raise her children. After more than 32 years of self-sacrifice, Momma and is fed up. After giving her grown daughters 5 months to get themselves together, unexpected tragedy hits. This musical comi-tragedy is filled with original tunes from many genres; jazz, blues, gospel, hip hop, classical, big band, etc.


(Soprano/Alto) Female soulful jazz singer who is a strong actress and
moves well to play a women in her 50’s but looks 30’s.

(Soprano/alto) Female late 20’s the oldest run-away daughter, and
mother of Sharice. She is very strong, grounded and self-confident.
Dress is eclectic but stylish.

(Soprano/ Alto) female late 20’s the peaceful prayerful second oldest
daughter, a woman of passion for sharing the love of God. Dress is
very conservative.

(Belt Soprano w/ Opera Influenced) Female early to mid 20’s the second to the
youngest daughter, laid back, undesirable hygiene. Mad at the world
and attitude shows it. Dresses in tee shirts and jeans always.

(Belt soprano/Alto) Female early 20’s seem late teens youngest
daughter, materialistic and always on the go. Dress is ghetto
fabulous, unique and fashion-forward.

(Soprano/ Alto) Female early teens the grand-daughter, very
intelligent and knows it. She is eager to make her own decisions but
MOMMA works to preserve her innocence and dresses her like a little
girl (maybe a tap dancer).

(no singing required) Male
Someone who is well spoken and gives an over-the-top performance!

Bloodsisters musical

July 16, 2016
12 noon – 2pm
The theater is at 4573 Bank Street, Virginia Beach. There’s a lot of free parking all over the area, from the street right outside our door to garages all over Town Center.
Pay: TBA

Diverse casting desired. All ethnicities welcome!

For Appointment, please send:
Head shot & Resume
Video or MP3 file of two contrast songs (best 16 bars of 1 ballad & 1 up tempo)

PLEASE SEND all material to

There’s a lot of free parking all over the area, from the street right outside our door to garages all over Town Center.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Please submit to:

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