New Cable Network Show Casting Ladies in Atlanta and NYC That Look Years Younger Than Their Age

By | November 29, 2016

Casting Young Looking Ladies in their mid 30’s to early 40s looking for a change.

This casting notice is for ATL and NYC only.

Are people shocked when they find out your real age? Do you wish that you lived a life that was as youthful as you look?

A major cable network is looking for women in their mid-30’s to early 40’s who look at least ten years YOUNGER but are just not satisfied with their lives. Maybe you’re divorced. Maybe your boyfriend cheated on you. Or maybe your job is unfulfilling and you’re tired of giving up on your dreams.

Whatever your story, this brand new TV show will hit the pause button on your life, help you find an exhilarating new career and make your social life exciting again!

Now casting in the NEW YORK CITY and ATLANTA areas!


Real Age show

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