New Daytime Talk Show Casting Guests Nationwide


Casting New Daytime Talk Show LA

Location: Nationwide

Type: Reality TV

Looking for:

Family members who criticize you or someone you know about the way you look or dress? And troll them on social media?

Do your family / friends / partners think you are super obsessed with celebrities and celebrity culture? But you believe you are just a superfan?

Fed up with your child’s or adult child’s extreme behavior?

Also seeking guests for the following segments:

A loved one obsessed with collecting things and its costing way too much money, time or space in your/ their home?

Are you in a relationship where you do everything and anything your partner says and you like that?

Cant deal your your child’s obsession with social media?

Is an Old Relationship Hurting Your New Relationship?

Is an old relationship starting to ruin your new relationship? Do you have an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband who won’t let go of the past?

Are you currently with someone whose ex won’t let go, and you need help convincing them to just move on?

If you need advice and assistance while dealing with this difficult situation, we are here to help!  A brand new talk show based out of Los Angeles is looking for real guests with passion and personality for an upcoming episode taping this summer! If selected, we will provide travel and accommodations to and from LA.

Need help dealing with:

You or someone you know who has a strange addiction or weird fetish and they want help for it?

Dealing with an extreme pregnancy? Still drinking or working out while pregnant.

Someone who wants to be a multiple egg or sperm donor!

Tell us your story to get the help you need on a new talk show with a well known TV personality!

Come to LA we provide free airfare, hotel, makeup and hair, help with meals!


Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Nationwide
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