Open Casting Call in Oklahoma City for New Financial Reality Show


I Control My Money Reality TV Show

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Type: Reality TV


The International Financial Leadership Association (IFLA), famous for their nationwide financial empowerment workshop, is launching a new reality television show aimed at securing the financial future of contestants selected from a series of casting calls throughout the United States.

An open casting call for the new show “I Control My Money” will take place in Oklahoma City, OK on Thursday, July 14th beginning at 6 PM at the Francis Tuttle Technology Center, Reno Campus located at 7301 West Reno Ave. Room A2060, Oklahoma City, OK 73127.

If you ever wanted to be on TV, but don’t have an invention, don’t want to leave your family, friends and job to go globetrotting, and if you don’t want to almost starve to death in pursuit of the American Dream, here’s your chance to participate in an open casting call. Producers are seeking hard working individuals who want a better life for themselves and their families. Contestants will learn “Beneficial Economics” to build a successful financial future working with what they already have.

Contestants will be provided a look into the future; seeing what their life will be like if they continue down their current financial path, and contrasting it with what it could be like if they implement a few adjustments.

Open casting call in Oklahoma City

Thursday, July 14th beginning at 6 PM

Francis Tuttle Technology Center, Reno Campus

7301 West Reno Ave. Room A2060, Oklahoma City, OK 73127.

Oklahoma City Reality Show casting notice

They will also be invited to spend time with someone who has already accomplished some of their goals to learn some things to avoid, and some they should definitely do.

Founder of IFLA, the International Financial Leadership Association, Professor Rodney Ballance (Executive Producer) is taking his decades of experience as a personal finance expert and turning it into the most informative and empowering hour of reality programming on television!

Ballance explains, “I Control My Money” has a two-fold purpose. We want to set people up for success beginning from the time they are cast to appear on the show through the next twenty or thirty years of their life. That’s the long term payoff of the television show. But we will also fulfill a selected immediate goal in each episode; so, whoever the featured individual or family is for an episode, if they need a new work vehicle, or if they need new equipment for the business, a debt paid off or a home improvement project completed, we are going to make that happen for them; so, they can get a jump start on their financial future and put them two years ahead of what they may never have dreamed was possible.”

To get on the road to a more secure and satisfying financial future, register for the casting call fill out the form at or visit

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Oklahoma City, OK
Please submit to: This is an open call, see above for date and location by 2016-07-14

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