Seattle Area Actors for short film “Drip” is Seattle, Washington



Location: Seatle

Type: Film

Casting notice for independent short film “Drip” is Seattle, Washington.  The project is currently casting for 3 speaking, non-paid roles, as well as a few extras.

“Drip” – A coffee shop brings romance and other dreadful things to a young couple.


Hank (early 30’s) is an all American, ex college football jock. He’s not super intelligent but works for his Dad’s construction company and does ok. He’s at a point where he has outgrown the frat-boy lifestyle but although he is popular with the girls, he’s a little bit shy. He’s clean cut, dresses in jeans and plaid shirts. When it comes to coffee, he likes strong & dark.

Samantha (late 20’s) is a cute girl who works as a barista in a coffee shop to help fund her Master’s degree. She’s strong, confident, has a sharp wit & knows what she wants out of life. Samantha is single & not looking, but when she does click with someone, she’s not afraid to make the first move. She dresses a little alternative, likes bold makeup & has a couple of piercings.

Helen (late 20’s) is a nerdy “librarian” type who, although attractive completely plays it down, dressing *very* conservatively (drab colours, long skirts, cardigans etc.) with no makeup and glasses. She has long hair but wears it in a tight bun. Helen is introverted (for now 😉 ) and prefers to avoid social interaction. She has never had a boyfriend, and even the thought of it sends her reaching for her asthma inhaler. She loves her soy vanilla lattes, as long as it is sugar free syrup.

We will also be casting several mostly non-speaking extras.

Please send headshots/resumes/questions to Allan and Brien:

Payment: Non Paid, Compensation is Credit and Meals only.

City or Location of call: Seatle
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Allan Smith

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