Student Film Project “The Omega” Casting Actors in Philadelphia

By | July 27, 2016

The Omega

Location: Philadelphia PA

Type: Student Films

There will be 3 auditions days we would like to give everyone a chance to try out. Please read and follow instructions accordingly. You will receive a response from our production team that will give you our 3 dates available for auditions at a studio held here in Philadelphia.

Looking for male actors 18-28 to fulfill guard roles, lead male role.

Looking for a female actress 19-28 to fulfill female actress role.

Send me a message to my email with a headshot In the message tell us what role you would like to try out and why. We are a new production company in the Philly area. We are looking to do some awesome video and photography work out here in Philadelphia, we are starting with a short action film that takes place in a post apocalyptic world. Some roles are filled already but we still need help filling some of the others. Below I have a synopsis and a character synopsis. This is a TFP, we are looking for new Talent to help us create this short action film which we would like to hopefully turn into a series on youtube. Most shoot days will be on the weekend. Food will be provided , we will also have a full staff that will be able to help meet with all needs.

In the year 2056 World War III aka The Great War named that because of all the nuclear warfare. It left the world for parish. 63 percent of the population was dead, 15 percent had become mutated creatures, and what was left of the world found refuged within the five cities. Each city with walls higher then the clouds. It’s been 500 years since the Great War and the world is headed for another one.

Character Synopsis

Patient 011 is the first person to survive stage 2 of the new serum The Omega. He is now in recovery and has no memory of who he is and where he comes from.

Lara Wolf is the daughter of General Karen Wolf, she is the said to be the most beautiful girl in all of Crown heights but she is deadly just as much as she is beautiful. She is the best shot in all of Crown height some even say the world. Lara was captured by surprised. Her and her men were ambushed on they way back to Crown heights.

Dr. Katelyn Snow is lead scientist and sits on the council for Astoria. She created the Omega serum she spent her life developing it. She is also known for creating the smoke screen, the defense system that saved Astoria from being taken over by Imperial city. If the fog touches exposed skin the subject will break out into painful boils if one pops the subject can bleed out. She had the smoke screen put into the walls of Astoria that covers up to a 10-mile radius. She also armed her personal guard with cans of the smoke. Dr. Snow is currently at a lab not to far outside of Astoria testing the serum. Captain Lawton and his guards company her.

Captain Lloyd Lawton is in charge of unit 089 aka the Blood Hounds. His unit is known for their ruthlessness they go from village to village kidnapping the strongest of their people for the testing of the Omega. They kill and rape everyone else that is not deemed useful for testing.

Astoria Guard is a ruthless soldier in trained in Astoria, they are selected at a young age to train to one day become an Astoria guard. All trainees dream of joining unit 089 aka The Blood Hounds.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Philadelphia Pa
Please submit to: by 2016-08-10

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