Tryout for “America’s Next Top Model” 2016 / 2017 Season

By | March 16, 2016

Auditions announced for ANTM cycle 23

America’s Next Top Model  will be coming back to TV in 2016 and this time it will be on VH1.

ANTM has just announced the casting call for Top Model cycle 23. The news of the show’s cancellation left many young girls heartbroken but ANTM will not be off air for long. ANTM has announced a plan to move the modeling competition reality series to VH1 for the upcoming cycle 23 and the search is on for America’s Next Top Model once again. Last October, Tyra Banks announced the cancellation by tweating “Thinking #ANTM22 should be our last cycle. I truly believe it’s time,” seems she was wrong.

Ladies nationwide with aspirations of being a super model will once again have a chance to tryout for ANTM and compete for a chance to be named Top Model and receive a coveted modeling contract on the show. The show is currently accepting emailed submissions and will most likely hold some open casting calls this spring.

Try out for Top Model 2016 / 2017

ANTM began in 2004 and for it’s 12 year duration it was hosted by super model Tyra Banks. “America’s Next Top Model” will hit the runway again soon, but this time around, the show will have a new host. Tyra Banks will remain with the series as the show’s executive producer. No word yet as to whether the show will see it’s old judges return or if the judging panel will be a brand new one. Not sure what changes will be made with the show’s new cycle but one thing is for sure, the reality modeling competition will continue for at least one more cycle.

Casting call for ANTM cycle 23

CBS Television exec, Scott Koondel commented on the move saying “We could not be more excited to bring back and breathe new life into one of the greatest unscripted franchises on television,” said Koondel. “VH1 is the perfect partner for this new endeavor and we hope this is the beginning of a long relationship.” ANTM producer, Ken Mok will also be returning for the 2016 / 2017 cycle 23.

The show ran for many years on the CW Network and even during the show’s final season on the CW, it was still the networks most downloaded series.

The show’s casting directors made the following announcement today, Guess who’s back? The all new ANTM and the Official Casting Crew is looking for YOU! Apply NOW at! Email your Name, Age, Height, Weight and Contact Information.
Tag us in your favorite photo and use the hashtag ?#?ANTMisBACK?!
Ready, Set, Go!

Thats right, if you feel you are America’s Next Top Model, you can send your photos and contact information to Be sure to include your Name, Age, Height, Weight and Contact Info.

No word yet as to if the show will be casting both male and female models but casting has begun. “America’s Next Top Model” casting directors are now accepting email submissions from models nationwide.

30 thoughts on “Tryout for “America’s Next Top Model” 2016 / 2017 Season

  1. Deasia Price

    My name is Deasia Price and I am interested in America’s Next Top Model. I am 5’9 and weigh 130, I am 20 years old please email me for information.

  2. Nivene abdal

    Interested in Americas next top model.
    I am 5’7 , weight 113, 31 years old.
    Please email me
    Thank you!

  3. Briana Albritton

    Hello, My name is Briana Albritton. I am interested in Americans Next Top Model casting/tryouts. I am 5’4, weigh 110 pounds and 24 years old. Please email me with more information.

    Thank You!

  4. Tiffany

    Hello Tyra my name is Tiffany. I’m a big fans of next top model. I’m 25 year old and I’m from Long Island NY.

  5. Felicity

    I am felicity, age of 16, height-1.7. My dream is to be the next top model. You have inspired me to be be who I am today. I might not have a modeling agency yet but I’ll keep searching cause I know I can do it and I am the right model.

  6. Keatan Liggins

    Hello Tyra, my name is Keatan and my biggest dream is to meet you and gain all the knowledge from you of becoming the next top model. I am 19 years old and resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, I am curious to know will you be doing casting calls in my area, in addition to, what are the necessary steps of being a contestant on your show. I am nervous but confident you will see me as a benefit if granted the opportunity. Thank you Tyra, your biggest fan, Keatan.

  7. Samone Boyd

    I am 5’0 and 130 lbs hoping you don’t have a height requirement, because I do walk TALL! and want to be Americas Next Top Shortest Model. As I sit here and currently watch the show it makes me even more eager to be apart of the show and gain the experience. A recent graduate, a Mental Health Professional and a current Vice President of a Modeling Troupe.

  8. Jada prather

    I always wanted to be a model since I was little and I hope y’all will give a chances

  9. Brandy

    Hi Tyra, I would like to try out to be a model. I’m not sure if it’s too late or not. I will be graduating from high school 2017, please contact me ASAP.

  10. Grace Booth

    Hi my name is Grace Booth, I’m 17 and I don’t know the age requirement to audition for America’s Next Top Model, but I would like to share my info. I’m 6 ft tall and weigh 140 lbs. I’m always having people tell me I could be a model and I’ve always thought about it but I’ve been too nervous to even try. I don’t know if this comment will be seen or help anything but I would like to see what your thoughts are on this. I’m still in high school and I am a junior. I’ve had a friend drop out of high school to become a model. She’s becoming big and she’s doing really well. She’s also an actress.

  11. Ashley Williams

    I would like to audition for ANTM. I’m not sure if it’s too late or not but I would like some info on it either way. Thank you.

  12. mysteriousbeauty

    How old do you have to be to be on America’s Next Top Model? And when is the oldest you can model because I might want to be a model, but I am not sure.

  13. Samkelisiwe Precious Nyawo

    It is good to be a model because you will travel and know different things about fashion.

  14. Lonnya

    Is there an fee of 297 for a membership for online profolio etc? Is that a scam?

    1. erica Post author

      There is no fee to tryout for ANTM. Many shady companies use deceptive verbiage to make you believe you are auditioning for certain shows that they are not affiliated with. I have also seen companies trying to sell things like online portfolios use “America’s Next Top Model” in the general sense… as in you are in America and want to be a top model. Of course they do it to make people believe they are somehow involved with the show when they have nothing to do with the actual Tv production of ANTM.

  15. Markya

    Never thought that I could, So many say that I should and if I get a chance I wouldn’t let it go to waste.

  16. Britni R

    I would love to have the opportune to try out for America’s Top Model 23. I have done modeling since I was 18 to 27 years old! I have done modeling classes and make up classes. I love shooting for the camera. I also so nature photography that I photograph myself. I have watched several American Top Model shows, and I’m ready to shine, and show you what I have learned from modeling in the past to now!

  17. Christal Lawrence

    I’m Christal Lawrence. 23 yrs old from a small town of Orangeburg, South Carolina. I have always been inspired by models from social media to television. Growing up, I have always been told that I should consider modeling. I have had many people ask me if I was a model. It would be my passion to be America’s next Top Model 2016/2017.

  18. Natasha Williams

    I would Love to tryout for the cycle 23 ANTM. I been waiting on this moment for allong time and I really want this opportunity to be on the show and its always been my dream to be on America’s Next Top Model.

  19. Kalyaeva Anna

    Hello! My name is Ann and I am from Uzbekistan and want to take part in this program.

  20. Cheyann Bean

    Sent my email. So happy to hear ANTM is back! Check out my instagram and help me get noticed 🙂 Good luck to ALL!!

  21. Jacqueline Shane

    I am so excited that ANTM will be continuing! I have been watching Americas Next Top Model for years! I have always wanted to be cast. I have submitted my application through email already! I hope you have the chance to see it and consider me.

  22. christopher moore

    Hello , I am Christopher Moore. I am 15 years old and I would like to be Americas next top male model. Being a model is my goal for 2016 and I feel like this is an opportunity for me to accomplish my goal.

  23. Rosanna Ramdeo

    Am an actress and a model. I have been to acting and modeling school in Manhattan NYC called Barbizon. I had 20 weeks of training and graduated at age 10. I am going to be 14 in June. I went to Disney to showcase my talent. I did theater with The AlphaNYC Theater Company and then I did several extras and background roles for tv and film. I have achieved a great deal of experience, then soon after I got a breakthrough for a speaking role, as supporting actress and lead actress. I did 3 of them, 1 is Blossom of Faith, 2 is following Phil (featured film to be released soon) 3 is a short film captives and now the director will make it a feature film by extending it. We will be in production, you can look me up at IMDB and search for my name Rosanna Ramdeo. Failure is not an option and it will take time to get a big break and I hope it happens soon.

    Thank you all that read this and I hope I give some enlightenment to never give up, there will be many obstacles in your path so fight and God bless.

  24. Vasiliki Dimitriou

    Hello, My name is Vasiliki Dimitriou. I’m from Cyprus!
    Age 23 years old!!

  25. Antoinette Murry

    Hi I am interested in trying out for America’s next top model 2016/2017. I would love more information about the tryouts. Thank you.


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