Acting Auditions in Maryland for Stage Play “You Can’t Take it with You”

By | January 9, 2017

Twin Beach Player open auditions for ‘You Can’t Take it with You’

Location: North Beach, MD

Type: Theater

Auditions are open for adults age 18+. Please bring your calendar of commitments through April. Rehearsals are Sunday, Monday and Thursday evenings Feb 2 – April 29. Show opens Thursday April 30 and runs 2 weekends through April 9. All rehearsals and performances will be at the Boys and Girls Club – 9021 Dayton Ave, North Beach MD 20714

“You Can’t Take It With You” is a play set in 1936, right after the Great Depression. There are references to tax revolt, discussions of mysticism, and other things going on in that period. Many members of the family are not genetic members, they simply come to the house one day and end up staying for years.

You Can't Take it with You theater play

Available Roles:

  • Martin Vanderhof (Grandpa) The head of household, free-spirited celebrator of life and role model to all.
  • Penelope Sycamore (Penny) Grandpa’s daughter, mother of Essie and Alice, writer and painter, a true nurturer.
  • Paul Sycamore Penny’s husband and maker of fireworks with partner…
  • Mr. De Pinna who also models for Penny’s painting
  • Essie is a would be ballerina who loves making up candy recipes
  • Ed is married to Essie, prints flyers to put in candy boxes and sells them. Writes music for the xylophone he also plays.
  • Rheba The maid/”family” member who also prepares food
  • Donald Rheba’s boyfriend and helper who is on relief
  • Alice is a daughter of the Sycamores, the only one who works outside the home, might be called “normal”
  • Tony Kirby is in love with Alice. He is VP on the company where Alice works.
  • Mr. Kirby Tony’s father, owner of the company, raises orchids as a hobby
  • Mrs. Kirby Tony’s mother, proper lady with interest in mysticism
  • Boris Kolenkhov Essie’s Russian ballet teacher concerned about politics in Russia, very loud and opinionated.
  • Henderson tax man makes one appearance (small role).
  • Gay Welington Drunk actress Penny wants to act in a play she wrote. (small role)
  • Three Law Enforcement Men One appearance…(small roles).
  • Olga Katrina Grand Duchess of Russia and friend of Boris. (small role).

Open Casting for all adults 18+

Boy and Girls Club
9021 Dayton Ave
North Beach MD 20714

Sunday, Jan 22 – 5pm-9pm
Monday, Jan 23 – 6:30pm-9:30pm

Please see our website for more info

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: North Beach, MD
Please submit to: by 2017-01-22

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