Actor Auditions in Vancouver, BC Canada for Student Film


Auditions for Student Film in Vancouver, British Columbia

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia.

Type: Student Films


Aaron – Male, Early 30’s.

An early 30s, self-absorbed campaign manager looking to keep growing in the political pyramid of power.

A sharp, well trained strategist who thinks every step before proceeding.

Wise and thoughtful man, he puts his full heart on everything he sets his mind up to, being creative for accomplishing his goals.

It feels like all the pressure that build around him does not seem to bother him, he is used to it.

His political career is in a rise since he is considered one of the best young CM in the country.

Aaron’s relationship with his wife has been like that of two teammates helping each other out to grow professionally, there is deep love between them, as they know each other perfectly.

His stamina and convictions to do whatever it takes sometimes gets the best out of him, trying to do whatever is in his power to keep things going his way.

Bennett – Male or Female, Mid-40’s

A mid-40s, old schooled politician. An honorable and passionate man who has worked all his life towards gaining a position to do good for others.

He believes that morals and politics are going to win over greed, which has make him to other people’s eyes a naïve fellow.

Convinced of the work he is doing, and stubborn enough to put everything at risk in order to maintain his stance towards politics.

Even though he doesn’t agree completely with Aaron’s way of doing things, he know he is the man that can do the job and get him into congress, he actually likes Aaron being around and considers him a friend and apprentice.

He is a fervent man who likes to transmit good values to those around him.

Harper – Female, late 20’s.

A late 20’s, smart MA on political sciences, who is keen and passionate on politics.

Very loving and supporting wife, who at moments pushes to hard, but she only does what she believes will make both her husband and her get more control of their future.

Skeptical on the way politics work, she believes hard work will make things happen over moral and self-awareness of their society.

Even though she tries to hide it, she actually cares about people that are close to her.

A lady Macbeth figure on feminism, she suppresses her feelings of compassion to favor ambition and ruthlessness.

Nathan Morrow – Male, Mid 40’s

A mid-40s, egoistical politician. A man whose driving forces are greed and self-benefit.

He doesn’t care about nothing but his personal interest in politics.

Very hard working politician is obsessed in doing whatever it takes to get into power, as it is the most important thing in his agenda.

Very charming and convincing figure, who is very smart to surround himself of people that can get him his aspirations and objectives easier.

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-Please e-mail the role of your interest along with your Resume and Headshot to


-March 1,2,3 & 4.
-Downtown Vancouver, Burnaby.


February 15th (5-8pm)
February 16th (4-8pm)
February 18th (9am-7pm)


142 Water Street, Vancouver Film School Film Production Campus, Vancouver.

Payment: Non Paid
Credit, Food and Craft services, Copy of the film for Reel.

City or Location of call: Vancouver, British Columbia.
Please submit to:

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